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Mountain Buggy Strollers and taller parents


I'm starting to research double strollers and am especially keen on the Mountain Buggy Duet and +One. When we were buying a single stroller I originally purchased a MB Swift, but when I assembled it and wheeled it around our place, I realized it did not work for my height/stride: even in flat shoes the handle height was barely tall enough, and - worse - my feet kicked the stroller with every stride. So I returned it. This was also the case with the Bumbleride Indie. I bought a City Mini Gt and have had no problems with handle height or kicking the stroller.

For a double, though, I am really not keen on wide side by sides for a variety of reasons and so the MB strollers are really the only doubles that seem like they'd work for my lifestyle.

Do any tall parents have experience with either of these double models? It's so hard to find somewhere that stocks them to try them out. On paper the handle is higher than the Swift but I have doubts about what it's actually like using them. 
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