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Hi everyone!

I unfortunately miscarried on Tuesday at 230am. I was about 10 weeks and it would of been husband and i's first. It happened fairly quickly and I was able to have it happen naturally. My bleeding has subsided pretty much and only have light pink when I wipe now.  How soon did you get AF again? I know everyone is different I'm just wondering since it seemed to not take so long for me. Husband and I would love to start trying again at the end of the month. 

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  • So sorry for your loss.  I have had 3 and each one has been different from 6 weeks to 3 weeks.  
  • Mine came back around 5 weeks as it usually does; however, the symptoms and whatnot were majorly different in some of the cases (I've had 4 MC). Also, please PLEASE make sure you're cleared by your Doctor before you start TTCAL! 
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  • Thank you! My doctor at my appt said we can start trying as soon as we were ready to start again. Just said they tell you to wait one cycle this way they can calculate how far a long you are, harder for them to do if you get pregnant before getting a period. 
  • So sorry for your loss. Mine was probably the exception not the norm - a week and a half, then I had another period a week and a half after that one. Like I said I’m probably not the norm I have hormone imbalance related fertility issues. 
  • I'm sorry for your loss.
    Me: 38, DH: 37
    Married: 8/10/13
    BFP- 12/18/15, D&E- 4/8/16 @ 21w5d- confirmed Thanatophoric Dysplasia
    BFP- 11/7/17, M/C- 11/18/17 @ 4w6d
    BFP- 8/25/18 ~ EDD- 5/9/19 ~ DD born 5/2/20 *Lillian Hazel*
    BFP- 10/9/20 ~ EDD- 6/21/21

  • Thank you everyone . Sorry to everyone else that is going thru roughly the same thing. It sucks and it's sad just have to keep moving forward and staying positive.  Hope we all get little ones soon. 
  • So sorry for your loss. Mine was our first also, it really really sucks. I don't have any helpful insight about cycles returning because I don't ovulate on my own stop we triggered a period with progesterone. 
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