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January 2017 Moms

Skin Rash That Won’t Go Away

Someone please help bc I’m really trying to save a $75 copay and not go to the dermatologist. My 4 year old has had a rash for the past couple of months that keeps coming and going. It starts looking like a pimple, then spreads to looking like a bit of an open sore, then spreads even more from a sore and ends up looking like a very irritated red welp. They are mainly on his stomach area, sometimes the tops of the legs. We originally thought impetigo and they put him on oral antibiotics and an antibiotic cream. We also tried a steroid cream. Now we are even tying an anti fungal cream bc maybe ringworm but that’s not really helping either. The first round went away after about 2-3 weeks but no specific cream seemed to make much of a difference. And then about 2 weeks later this latest batch has come back. They don’t really itch, maybe just seem a little tender from time to time. Anyone else have experience with something similar? Next step would be a dermatologist...
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