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Has anyone had any experiences with Vasa Previa? (Not placenta previa) I looked up threads but they are from 2015 or older.

Im 25 weeks along...A part of her cord is not in a good spot near my cervix. If I see any bleeding I need to go to the ER. There is barely a chance it would correct itself. 

Follow up appointment is on 8/2 but what the high risk doctor is saying is I will be hospitalized at 30-32 weeks and be monitored. Followed by a C-section srouna 35-36 weeks. 

I've been reading a lot of great success stories online but they are older and just curious if anyone is currently going through it. I'm oddly calm but freaked out at the same time. 

Re: Vasa Previa

  • Hi there! I just found out on Tuesday that I have Vasa Previa as well. I'm 26 weeks with a long cervix so my doctor hasn't had me change any of my normal activities yet. I go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound. He said as long as my cervix stays where it's at now, we can probably wait until 37-38 weeks for my C-section. I'm staying calm for the most part but it's still scary.

    How are you doing? How was you recent appt?
  • Hi, my doctor has also said I may have Vasa Previa. I'm only 16 weeks along so they want to do a follow up at 18 weeks to make sure. But I've already experienced bleeding which is concerning. Have either of you delivered? How are you fairing? I'm very concerned and nervous. @mechelita44 @pheebaleebs
  • Following. I’m 28 weeks, will most likely be hospitalized in a week. Curious how you ladies did / are doing
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