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Haaka breast pump vs. Milkies milk collectors

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I have breastfed 2 babies and exclusively pumped for one. I’m expecting number 4 and planning to breastfeed. I tend to leak a lot, especially in the beginning and have had oversupply issues every time. I love the idea of being able to collect extra milk while nursing on one side to make it so I don’t have to pump in preparation to return to work after maternity leave, especially as excess pumping encourages more over supply. What are the heights on which system is better? The Haaka makes me a bit nervous, wondering if the slight suction will add to any oversupply I will probably have. But I like that the slight suction will add some hindmilk to what is being collected, as I imagine the milkies mostly get foremilk. 

I’m also wondering if it’s feasible to use Milkies while NIP, or if it’s too bulky. I know the Haaka would be out of the question while NIP.

What are other’s thoughts and experiences?

Re: Haaka breast pump vs. Milkies milk collectors

  • I used Millie’s last time and they worked and collected a fair amount, but I had a lot trouble with them leaking on me. It may have been user error though. I’m using the haaka this time since I have an under supply and have read it will stimulate more milk production. If you’re anticipating an over supply you may want to be careful with I, especially in the beginning 
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