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Hello Mommies -

yesterday I ended up in the ER with light brown spotting and light red spotting (only when I wipe!) along with mild cramping. I had been brown spotting for a couple days. Yesterday I was 5w5d pregnant. They said my hCG level was at 275 and I should be in the thousands. They couldn’t see anything in the ultrasound.

The ER doctor said that I am probably miscarrying. 

Last night and today I have still have mild cramping and only brown discharge when I wipe. 

I go back in on Monday to recheck my hCG levels. 

Has anyone else experienced something similar? 

Maybe went on to have a normal and healthy pregnancy? Or any other experiences like this?

Thanks for all of your help!!

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Re: ER Visit

  • I will start with the fact I am sorry you are here and worried, it is an awful feeling I have been through several times.  Unfortunately, you may be miscarrying, but IMO and experience, there is no way to know at this point.

    Are you sure how far along you are?  When I was pregnant with my first, I had an emergency ultrasound for bleeding, expecting to be 8 week, but measured less than 6, it turns out I just ovulated late that cycle.  
    Also, I have been pregnant at least 4 times (possible CP in the middle.) I have bled all four times, all had red blood at times, all required a pad, not just blood when I wiped, and except for my first, the bleeding lasted a month.  The first time, I think I bled 2 weeks.  I have had 2 healthy pregnancies, and two missed miscarriages.  Never, was the bleeding an issue or a sign of impending miscarriage. With my first loss, I had stopped bleeding a month before I found out.  
    Craps are also totally normal.  It is a sign your uterus is growing.
    Also, your hcg level is actually in the normal range for 5 weeks. 
    A 5+ week pregnancy may not always show up on ultrasound.  What is expected to be seen at certain points in a pregnancy isn't always what is seen, and that does not always indicate an issue. My daughter's 5.5 week ultrasound showed more growth than my son's at 6.5. My recent loss showed even less at 7.5 weeks, and due to the tilt of my uterus, we were not overly concerned at first.
  • Also wanted to add, one hcg reading is not generally used as a guideline to whether or not there is a pending loss. It is about how long it takes the level to double.  And I am not sure the exact number, but when your hcgis  over 1,000 to 2,000, then you can expect to see something on an ultrasound, under that, it is normal not to.
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