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2 weeks old

My newborn sleeps well during day but fuses a lot at nighttime.  She takes the pacifier but loses it and cries and the only way she falls asleep is in my arms... Any suggestions on how to get her to sleep in her bassinet at night? 

Re: 2 weeks old

  • Are you swaddling her? Either with a blanket or sleep sack of some kind? 

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  • My baby is 6 weeks old, and still doesnt sleep through the night. We do follow a routine that seems to help her longer stretches of sleep happen at night though, which we have been doing since she was born.

    We swaddle for all sleep times. 
    Baths are before night time if needed. 
    We turn off all lights, have black out curtains for nighttime. Daytime sleep is done when its light in the sleeping area. 

    White noise is for nightime. 

    Diaper change in the dark. 

    No talking loud, no tv, no toys, and no looking baby in the eyes for bedtime. 

    And for now, i feed her and she usually falls asleep, where i then transfer her to her bassinet. I do on rare occations get her down while drowsy but awake. 

    And we keep the bedroom at 70 degrees.
  • Ohh...and i forgot to mention, she is usually clingy for 2-3 hours at night before she actually goes down. She wants nothing but to eat and be with mommy. My doctor says this is normal and expected behavior. So i try to get a nap in myself before this long stretch occurs...making the nights easier.
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