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Happened fairly quick

Hi everyone! I've never wrote anything on any of these boards or became part of a month group. I would of been due in January 2019 and I was along 10 weeks pregnant. I found out I was pregnant on may 9th. I was super happy bc this would of been my husband's and mine first. I actually had 3 ultrasounds.  I work in a warehouse environment and the first one was to confirm pregnancy and get a note saying I shouldn't lift more then 50 pounds (most products I lift can range from 95+ pounds). Second ultrasound was on June 21st (basically ultrasound technician wasn't liking how it looked) and bc most doctors dont want to tell you flat out what's going on until they are 100%sure for liability reasons I was told to come back today ( july 3rd) to see if pregnancy was viable. Well over the past weekend I started to cramp a little bit and spit (nothing major) Monday cramps were a little heavier as was bleeding  but again nothing crazy. Well at about 9/930 Monday night my cramps intensified and bleeding became heavier with clots. I couldn't fall asleep. I finally got up out of bed at 230 and just sat on the toilet. Trying to tell my body just let it go and pushed a few times. Finally, I heard a big splash and at first was afraid to look but there it was the placenta/sac I was sad but at the same time I had known this was going to happen so I came to terms with that a couple weeks ago. At my appt today it just confirmed everything for me and I'm actually very happy that I didn't have to take pills or do a d&c as I was able to miscarry naturally. I'm so sorry for everyone going thru this and hope we all end up with little ones of our own.

Re: Happened fairly quick

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