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How to stop nursing on demand?

Hi everyone, my LO is 19 months. We are still breastfeeding, and he is turning into what some may call a "milk monster". It seems he is obsessed with my breasts and I am not sure if he will ever stop. I work part time and I wouldn't mind nursing just in the morning or at night, but it is the constant putting hands down my shirt that is what is getting to me. I have tried talking to him, special cup, extra cuddles ect. I just didn't know if anyone had any suggestions or if anyone has been in a similar place? I have read that you have to stop one "feeding" at a time, but I do not have scheduled feedings. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

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  • You may not have scheduled feedings, but your LO probably eats around the same times throughout the day. Pick one and give cow's milk in a cup/bottle instead. After a week or two, pick another feeding and substitute a meal or another cup of milk. It doesn't have to be "Replace the 12:05 feeding" just slowly reduce the number of feedings per week. You may need to find other ways to offer comfort, like cuddling while watching tv which might be part of why he is eating so often.
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  • Thanks so much. I think I will start to write down the feedings. Then go from there. He doesn’t like cows milk so I tried almond milk but he hardly likes that, he loves water tho. 
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    @mommaduke1124 pump some milk and try mixing the breast milk and cows milk. Start with 25% cow milk, then increase to 50, then eventually 100. Hopefully he will adjust to the taste, which is probably bizarre at first. Or formula if you prefer.
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