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HCG levels

So I had a MMC that was discovered in mid May. I should have been around 8.5 weeks and baby was only in the 6 week range with no heartbeat. I waited about 1 week for things to hopefully progress on their own and ended up taking cytotec the 1st weekend of June and the following Monday they confirmed via US that I had successfully passed everything. They asked me to take a follow up pregnancy test every week until I got a negative to confirm my HCG levels returned to 0. Well here I am a full month later and am still getting a positive. I did call my DR office and they are going to do a blood draw later today and said until they have those results they just don’t know where to go (but they did say it was highly irregular to still be getting a positive). I should add I also started BC after confirming I passed everything so I think a new pregnancy is highly unlikely. Has anyone else had things take so long to return to baseline??
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  • I had something similar happen but the cytotec failed and I had a D&C March 28th and on April 16th I was still at 105. Fortunately that was low enough that I just waited—but I think I still got faint positives for a week or 2 after—and my period finally came on May 15th. That period was weird and I had midcycle spotting until I ovulated. I have a “sticky spot” in my uterus (they have to do an ultrasound during the procedure to check for retained products and I had focal placenta accereta wit my daughter) so I think that’s why it was so long/so weird after. 

    Not sure if that helped, but you’re not alone!
  • Thanks @mwmiller4, that was helpful. Im not sure if they measure when your HCG should be back to normal based on when the baby stopped growing (Im assuming it diesnt keep growing after that but i could definitely be wrong) or from when you start bleeding. Either way my test lines arent that faint (and this is testing on cheepos!). In fact, i think my line is darker this week than last (although i used different brands so who knows). Im just not emotionally ready to be pregnant again just yet so im hoping my body is still just adjusting and its nice to hear from someone else!
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  • I totally get that. I *freaked* when I got that positive test on April 14th—it was waaaay darker than I thought it should be and I was terrified that I’d have to have another D&C (my first MMC took 2 D&Cs so it wasn’t totally crazy). And they didn’t do betas before that so I have no idea how high it was when I had the D&C. This miscarriage was brutal—I knew it wasn’t viable at my first appointment on February 21st and it just dragged out from there. 

    I really hope you get some answers and some peace. I’m thinking about you  <3
  • With my first pregnancy I lost @ 21 week it look 9 weeks for HcG to drop to 0. I only found out because I wanted to drink wine and after such a tragic loss I decided to take a test JUST IN CASE. And it was freakin positive. 
    Turns out it was left over from my loss 9 weeks earlier. I had about 45 minutes of thinking I was pregnant again, which math told me was impossible, so I know the only answer was left over. Sure enough started period the next day which brought levels to 0. 

    Second loss was a CP and I THOUGHT I kept getting positive lines for two weeks but turns out they were evap lines. A blood test confirmed hcg was 0. It all just depends on how high your numbers are to being with. 

    Hang in there, your body is resetting in the best way it knows how. I know it can be frustrating. 

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