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We are having girl #3. Her first name will be Trinity. 

Our older two girls nicknames are:
Klairety Annabelle- Bella Boo or just Boo
Aíne Erin- Princess

I like Trin and Tink as possible nicknames but would like some input on these and any other ideas you may have.

Re: Nickname help

  • mb0112mb0112 member
    Trin is ok but Tink sounds offensive to me for some reason.  As if it would be slang for genitals.  

    It seems like your other nicknames might have happened organically and not necessarily linked to the name so maybe just see what you naturally start calling her.
  • jessielynn1jessielynn1 member
    edited July 2018
    Agree with previous posts. Any nickname we thought we would have never really happened with any of our kids. They just developed naturally, also none were connected to their actual names. We have yoggi, mama, and hillder dillder for nicknames. Of your suggestions tho I like Trin. 
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  • nanner26nanner26 member
    edited July 2018
    When I think of a nickname for Trinity,  “trie” comes to mind (sounds like tree). I think that would be cute. 
  • Yeah all of our older kids names just came on their own really. 
    Our boys are Zachariah nicknamed Zaccums/Shadow, Samuel Jack nicknamed JackJack/Scallywag, Klairety nicknamed Boo/Bella Boo, Aíne nicknamed princess. 
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