IVF meds

Has anyone ordered their meds internationally to save money for an IVF local? 
9 IUI's = BFN :( Thinking about IVF....

Re: IVF meds

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    Hi there! There was a thread about this a few months ago which I participated in. Here is the link. Also to add to this, one down side of ordering meds from overseas is that you can’t claim them on your taxes. That’s something I found out this year but it may not be a big deal for most people.
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    I just want to share my experience because I was so hesitant and looked at over 10 sites for cheaper meds than what was quoted me by my pharmacy in USA. I admit I was super apprehensive about ordering medicine from overseas and wasn’t sure if the international websites I came across were even legit, until I found FastIVF their prices are THE cheapest I have found. They also respond ASAP by either email or phone, which was super relieving. Their name says it all! My wire got processed on Thursday and by Friday my meds were shipped through DHL and I received a tracking number. I received my meds on Monday!

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