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High levels of amniotic fluid??

I'm 28+1 (2nd child) and had a growth scan today and also gestational diabetes test. On the scan they picked up high levels of fluid (deepest pool 10cms-im not even sure if that's loads or just above what they'd class as high). 

They said it could be nothing as baby is measuring fine, could be down to gestational diabetes (won't know until results come back), maybe an infection (have to go and have a blood test done tomorrow as they'd taken too much today already) 

Now usually I wouldn't worry too much, but I also have an SUA which they've just put down to being one of those things - I can't see there being 2 problems that are 'just one of those things' 

It also doesn't help that I can't do anything without being in pain, my back constantly hurts my stomach feels like there's absoloutly no room left in there and the skin is going to rip into shreds if.i get any bigger. 

I just don't really know what to do, what can happen, what can make it any better (if anything) so any advice or knowledge on the subject would be great! 

Thanks in advance! 

Re: High levels of amniotic fluid??

  • I was diagnosed with the same thing (polyhydramnios) at 32 weeks. Unfortunately there isn't really much you can do except pop a couple acetominophen, drink lots of water, and lay in your side as much as you can to ease the pain. It's awful, and the pain is really uncomfortable to live with, but you'll make it, mama! Just be watching for any signs of labor as preterm labor is a risk of polyhydramnios and report anything that may be concerning to your OB or midwife. But really just take care of yourself! 
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