Kids are funny...

What funny thing has your kid said or done lately?
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Re: Kids are funny...

  • We're potty training, which means a verse of "Wheels on the Bus" while washing hands and a candy for a successful trip to the toilet. The other day instead of the usual words, DD sang "candy candy candy candy" to the tune of Wheels on the Bus. She had me busting up because it was the first time she made up her own song, something her dad does all the time.
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  • Lol, that is too funny @meggyme! I saw your post on TFAS so I decided to come over  :)

    Yesterday I wanted to see how tall my little guy was getting so I brought out my tape measure (the kind for sewing), got him to lay on the ground, and measured him.  He then proceeded to walk around the house for the next 30 minutes dragging the tape measure everywhere he went. I swear he loves household objects so much more than toys.
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  • @lilly91613 DS is the same way! He stole rhrhe old baby monitor out of his closet the other day and was walking around playing with it (as a thermometer....)

    @meggyme DS makes up his own songs too (also acquired from DH lol). The last one he was singing that I remember well was at dinner last week. I had hiccups and he told me he was going to sing them anyway the song was "mama hiccups go away" like rain rain go away.

    DS is a ham so I'm always laughing at him (well, trying not to in most cases).... but my top pick right now is after dinner asking for candy. He puts his head down and then looks up at me and says "candy now mama? Candy please?" And if I say not right now I get "really mama? Really?" 
  • @meggyme @lilly91613 @prpl11butterfly Must be a common thing for kids to make up songs lol My son does that all the time! I invented a song to the tune of Ferer Jacques and he was laying on the couch singing it to one of his Thomas & Friends trains. It was so cute!!

    He's 3.5 now so he's really ramping it up on the vocabulary. It makes me laugh all the time. We were at the park and he found a pendant on the ground and said "Mommy, what's this?" I said "It's a pendant." "A pendant?! What's that?" Me: It's something pretty you wear on a necklace. G: Necklace?? What's that? Me: It's jewelry. Look, this is a yin yang. G: Yin yang?? What's that?

    And it carried on for a good 20 minutes with explanation after explanation. I don't know if any of it stuck but at least he's curious and wants to learn. My mom said my brother was like that (hyper-curious and constantly asking "what's that" at everything).

    Potty training has been a nightmare. Just FYI if anyone's curious. He finally pees on the toilet with no problem but poop is a huuuuuuuuuuuge issue. He'll tell me he has to poop, which is good, but he asks for a diaper and won't go on the toilet. I relent because he gets constipated and the last time I gave him a suppository he said "No, Mommy, that's ouchie" and I felt so, so, so awful. But he was turning red and crying and shaking so I could either let him suffer like that for hours until it came out naturally or slip a little meds in his butt while saying sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry the whole time and the agony would end in minutes. ANYway. If anyone has any tips on how you get your kid to poop without drama I would appreciate it.
  • @wishiwaspreggo have you tried upping his fiber and giving foods that are supposed to help with constipation? I think it's prunes, peaches, and pears? There was a section in the "Oh Crap" potty training book I read about poop and kids that are scared of pooping in the potty.
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  • @meggyme We've been giving him Culturelle every night now. He eats plenty of fiber, generally. He loves those squeeze fruit pouches still and he'll eat 1 or 2 a day. Plus he loves fruit in general so I always give him strawberries, apples, avocados, bananas, and blueberries. He's been into cherries now they're in season. But he'll go a few days without much fiber and too much dairy, which is when he runs into constipation problems, hence the steady stream of probiotics.

    But ugh, even when his poop is normal he still doesn't want to go. We had a new Thomas train for him that we promised he could have if he pooped. He sat on the pot for 45 minutes and he was crying towards the end. He fell asleep while leaning against me because he wouldn't give up, he wanted the toy so bad. I felt horrible. No more bribes. I may just have to give it a few more weeks and try again.
  • @prpl11butterfly DS loves his baby monitor also! We used to give it to him all the time and he would just turn it over and over in his hand like he was studying it. We would also call it his "cell phone" since we don't let him have our phones at all. 

    @wishiwaspreggo I'm sorry about the poop situation at your house. I know my niece used to have problems going #2 and she would get scared and have to hold someone's hand to do it. My sister upped her fiber intake and I think they also got a portable potty which helped her a lot. 

  • @lilly91613 everything becomes a cell phone lmao.

    @wishiwaspreggo we are slowly working on potty training. The start for us in the tub. One night he was in the bath and super gassy. DH put the little potty in there with him and he went. A few nights later during his bath he asked me for it. Put it in and again! He gets super constipated as well and one of our tricks is the tub. So putting the potty in with him let's him play and relax and then go without really thinking.

    We give little treats for using the potty (marshmallows are his preference, niece liked M&Ms). Sometimes I give him 1 just for trying.
  • This saved me from going to stalk the March BMB so thanks @meggyme for giving us a heads up!

    DD loves to pretend she is a dog and has a tail. She’s always playing this grab the tail game (like grab your nose). Anyways she got forgot the other day paining so I threw her in the shower with DH real quick. She looks at him, points and says TAIL!!!!
  • @Jlavo888 DH is totally freaked out by DD seeing him naked. He says she’s always staring at his dick, but I remind him that it just happens to be at her eye level.
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    Bahahaha! DH isn't always thrilled being naked around DS and I tell him to STFU. He's got the same parts so who care?! I see the girls being a bit different (@jlavo888 the whole grab the tail thing could be problematic) though.

    DS is always around me when I'm naked. Not long ago I was fresh out of the shower and he looks at me and says "who put hair there" lmao I was basically dead.

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  • I had to take DD with me yesterday to my wax appt and so she sat in the stroller in the room with me while I got my brazilian. She's been before and she usually just plays, but yesterday after I got up and got dressed she kept asking me "you ok mama?" I might need to start facing her stroller away from me so she doesn't worry...

    The other day I had to tell the babysitter that they could play outside but if DD asks to play with the "cock" she's actually trying to say "chalk" and not to be alarmed.
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  • @meggyme The chalk situation is hilarious!  My niece kept saying "titty" instead of "kitty" when she would identify Hello Kitty. I thought it was hilarious and kept getting her to say it for me, much to the chagrin of my Mom. My BIL actually sent me a video of her saying it when they got home and I still have it to this day! One of my favorites! I can't wait to embarrass her with it when she's older!  :D:D
  • Dd is 5 and was whining about something. Dh was teasing her and calling her whiner. She laughs and says "mommy's a wino" 
  • DS is currently running around with his boxer briefs as "his winter hat". Like 10min now. And he's catching imaginary snowflakes in the living room....
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