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hi Everyone, I’m new and I’ve been lurking just a bit when I signed up for the bump.

im 36 and my dh is 42 we’ve been married for 10 years and in that time I guess you could say we’ve been ntnp for 7 years and then actually ttc for 2 years and just recently have been tta at the moment. I just recently started seeing a re which I was referred to because I told my gynecologist I still wanted children when I found out I had a 11 cm fibroid in my uterus. She then referred me to re doctor. Which who then proceeded to run some test and listened to mine and dh story of ttc. I only have one ovary. So recently the re decided to run some test it was a dye test he wanted to see if I had more fibroids cause at first they thought I just had the one big one which was all they could see on the us. He did find one other one and he wanted to see if I was blocked in the tube I have left. So basically there’s no blockage from what he can see but it seems like my ovary is hiding. So besides the whole fibroid thing I have an overactive thyroid. So we’re pretty much waiting on that to level out so I can have surgery. According to the re he stated the fibroid is what is preventing me from getting pregnant but he’s wanting to do a sperm analysts on dh. So looks like which I like he’s jumping ahead of the game so when all is good with me we can really have a good game plan. So after my fibroids are taken care of I then will decide what I want to do with my thyroid I’m being told I can’t be pregnant with an overactive thyroid. And I’m thinking it’s overactive because of the fibroids. So once the fibroids are taken care of I’ll continue to see my thyroid doctor to see if there is any improvement. But the doctors have been pushing for radiation treatment to kill my thyroid l which I don’t want to do. So right now it’s a waiting thing. But I wanted to join in here to be support for others like me and learn about stuff for when I’m ready to get back ttc.

Married for 10 years
April 5th, 2008
Me: 36 years old DH: 42 years old
ntnp 7 years ttc 2 years

I have a 11 cm Fibroid and a smaller fibroid that is causing infertility and I also have an overactive thyroid.

Re: Introduction

  • Hi and welcome. It sounds like your doctors are working with you to develop a plan to make it as likely as possible for you to conceive. Good luck with the fibroid and thyroid treatment.
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