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Placenta previa

I had my anataomy scan right at 18 weeks and was told I have placenta Previa and also that I’m having a girl

Re: Placenta previa

  • I'm surprised they actually diagnosed it as placenta previa that early. Did they mention partial or complete previa? As opposed to low lying?

    At my anatomy scan at 20 weeks I was told my placenta was low lying, but that there was still time for it to move so I was not yet diagnosed as having placenta previa. I go in Friday for a 28 week u/s to check it's position. If it has moved the required 2 cm away from my cervix, that's it. If it hasn't, I go back in another 4 weeks for a follow-up u/s to check position again. If at that point it is still too close I believe that then gets diagnosed as placenta previa.
    MMC 8/5/15 at 8 weeks
    DS born 9/13/16
    BFP 1/13/18 - EDD 9/20/18 - It's a boy!
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