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3rd day Blood results

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Hi all, I started fertility testing and received some of my blood work. My Estradiol was normal but my HSF was 12.4. The nurse said it was very slightly borderline elevated but ok. That FSH can vary month to month and we’re waiting for the AMH which does not fluctuate. I am worried though...  I don’t like that FSH is so high :/
Weds I go back for more tests and to have a HSG performed, I’m nervous about that too as I heard it can be painful. 

Has anyome had an experience like this, or know if FSH can be lowered? 

Re: 3rd day Blood results

  • Hi again! My AMH levels came back normal. 2.33, hurray! I hope things work out. Has anyone else had FSH of 12.44 (or similar) with normal AMH? 
  • Hi! I have no idea about FSH or any other numbers, but glad to hear your AMH came back normal.
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  • Thanks! I have my Sono-HSG today, and hubby is being tested today too. Fingers and toes crossed. 
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    No experience in those levels I’ve had the hsg done  though I was so worried like you where but it actually isn’t so bad or painful as I thought,  but I’ve heard about it being painful though good luck though I hope everything turns out good 
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    Hi all. So I went for the HSG and the results were bad. At first she seemed like everything was fine but then she saw what she thought at first was my right ovary. Turned out to be a blockage in my right Fallopian tube. I am trying to recall what she said bc I was on anxiety meds. I think she called it hydrosalpinx. My left side, I think is ok, she saw my follicles and said I will ovulate from that side in 3-4 days. However I’m doing some research on my own I am devastated to find many women have lots of problems conceiving with this. I never knew about this. I can’t stop crying and need answers. My appt is with my Dr 2 weeks from now (I just changed it to 1 week) so I emailed her & the nurse. The Dr who did the HSG didn’t get too detailed but said all the info will be sent to my Dr. but I know she mentioned IVF being preferred over surgery.
    I am so lost.... at first I figured, well my left side is not blocked... it will just take longer. But reading others experiences scares the crap out of me. Am I overreacting here? 
    She also put me on 4 Day course of antibiotics. 
  • The antibiotics are standard. For the rest, all I know is that google will show you the worst possible scenarios, so I recommend stepping away until you see your doctor. Focus on the fact you're about to ovulate in 3-4 days - that's good news, no?
  • Yes it’s good news,.. But it seems there are implantation issues & higher chances of miscarriages etc. I’m going to focus on the good for now. This is tough. 
  • @mindseye53 Is there something the docs can do to mitigate that? I hope the holiday takes your mind off things for a bit!
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    Thanks, @marijaa333

    Yesterday the Dr emailed.. She said the other Dr who performed the Sono-HSG was concerned that the air bubbles seemed to gather inside what appeared to be a dilated tube. She said all that is needed is one tube to function in order to conceive but we will talk about all of our options at our meeting. 

    So things are still pretty vague but I’ll focus on letting go of this.. I also have a sister in Law whose a Dr in France holding my hand. Which is nice to have a friend in medical field. She also has all my info and has a few friends in IF specialty so that seems I have an international team of specialists which is cool! 

    Also some awesome news is DHs SA came back completely normal! So hurray for him I am super glad about that. :) 
  • Ha, that is awesome that you have an international team of specialists behind you!!  And great to hear about your DH's results. Happy 4th!
  • @mindseye53 Best of luck at you meeting!! It's great you found out everything going on with your tube. Hopefully, they have a way to possibly fix the issue for you. My gf had an HSG done to find out both her tubes had scar tissue from a surgery she had as a baby. So thankfully you have that 1 tube still :) If you have yo do IVF, It's not as scary as it sounds :)
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