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Re: Monday BF 6/25

  • nimmlenimmle member
    Started selfishly. I've been at work for just about an hour and Excel has already crashed 3 times. This is going to go well....said no one ever
  • @nimmle ugh i hate early computer isssues. It’s like a “go home, don’t work” sign.

    Last week of work and from home and I.DON’T. WANT.TO!! I’m trying to cancel any meetings i can to literally do nothing. 
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  • DH took DS around the neighborhood in his toy truck this morning because he had promised him last night but got stuck at work late. Great.. Right? 
    Sure! Right up until they had to come back inside because DH had to go to work and DS threw the most epic of meltdowns. To which DH gave him skittles (at 9am) to try and stop him from crying. Idk what part of STOP REWARDING BAD BEHAVIOR DH doesn’t comprehend, but I’m going to lose it. Mind you, the skittles didn’t work and he still stood at the front door screaming bloody murder for over half an hour after DH left despite all my redirection attempts. Eventually I gave up, he cried it out, and now he’s snuggling on the couch. 

    Im. So. Tired. 
  • @acunamatada ugh that’s the worst! DS gets his attachment meltdowns and it makes me sad but also frustrating when it’s mostly over me. Like come on kid, you have a daddy too who’s just as capable! You just gotta let them cry sometimes and try to ignore it. Enjoy the snuggles!
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @acunamatada Agh to 9am skittles and epic meltdowns. I'm glad he's calmed down but not the best way to start the morning. At least it's snuggle time!
  • @acunamatada that’s absurd and yet a little funny only bc it’s not my kid high on Skittles!

    I’m having a complete meltdown bc my CS is Thursday and I haven’t gotten final details of where to be when. Called Ob office, held for awhile, and receptionist sheepishly tells me she can’t provide details for me bc ‘somehow your procedure didn’t get scheduled or confirmed yet’ and ‘we are trying to reach the doctor’. WHAT?!!? 
    How is this even possible?! Day was confirmed last Thursday with the doctor. My parents booked flights. I told all of work (even CEO). My husband told his work. I filed my Disability claim. And 3 business days later, TBD?

    Trying to calm down, but I’m beyond.
    Baby is going nuts at work trying to make a jail break it feels like. 
    This has been one avoidable shitshow after another with my doctor!
  • Despite waking up on time and not having to take the kids to daycare this morning (our provider is at the beach this week...without me :( ) I STILL ended up at work after 8a. I was hoping to come in at like 7:30a or so. I also had to drive my MIL's car to work and driving someone else's car always stresses me out. Then I left the house and realized as I was leaving my neighborhood that I forgot my phone and sunglasses at home so I had to turn around...I almost cried.

    Also, to those to make tables and distribute them to others to fill in data--please annotate your table so that everyone is interpreting it the same way you are. A request for data in a table shouldn't require 20 emails back and forth just so everyone understands what exactly you are asking for. Just sayin'.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • @acunamatada ugh that sucks - my DH doesn't always get how I'm trying to handle tantrums either - coparenting would be easier with telepathy
    @wildtot I have 3 weeks left from home and I don't want to :-P although i did kick some ass this morning...not sure how much was work and how much was personal though....

    AFM - oh what a hot mess weekend... completely over did it and neither regular or the special tylenol from OB are cutting it so i'm very happy to be back in bed with feet up for the week. 

    Last major push to get all the cabinets done before GC showed up and DH hauled ass and got it all done.  I tried reheating chinese food for DH since I feel so useless these days and end up searing/burning my forearm on the oven in probably the worse burn I've ever had so i got this lovely gauze/ace thing on my arm that DD keeps kissing saying "mommy boo boo" but it hurt like a bitch and is still fugly and brown and just stopped hurting last night.  Really need to had it to DH he did amazing getting it all done a week early, but we also needed FIL to cap the gas and water lines (he's a plumber) and help DH move the appliances out.  FIL and MIL decide they'll come over to help Saturday - don't get here until after 4 pm, and decide the #1 priority that DH must drop all cabinet work and come hang DD's swing (which has been in the garage for a year) because they bought the stuff to do it and want to do it NOW - in the cold and drizzle.  I get not everyone is a PM like me, but come on people with common sense and critical path items and legit deadlines. Then once the swing is up they all dick around about dinner for over 30 min - MIL doesn't want to do take-out and I'm not walking well enough to do car/restaurant booth - so finally i just send them all out without me and say to grab me something on the way back. Well they don't get back until 8 - I tried to mostly stay on the couch with my feet up but had laundry going so had to switch it over a few times.  I'm in the middle of unloading/folding the dryer while sitting on a chair I brought in when they get home and DH needs an old towel NOW so they can disconnect the disposal and barely waits before going off to figure it out - and every time he and FIL have done shit unsupervised in the past they ruin SOMETHING and it's usually the towels - so I start snapping at him as I'm limping up 2 sets of stairs to go find the towel. Then sunday i'm still in agony from overdoing it but we have to go to Lowe's to get pendants and look at dishwashers so I suggest a nice sit-down breakfast as a family and then spend the whole lowe's trip hanging on the cart and feeling like i'm about to birth this baby in the appliance section.  Obviously FIL didn't have time to finish everything becuase they spent so much time not doing what he was there for - so he came back sunday and although he's usually my fave of our 4 parents he did nothing but complain and tell us everything he didn't agree with us doing or saying we were wrong - like freaking out about the fridge move for the 100th time and saying the doors weren't going to open (yea talked to the GC today and he's like it's not a prob at all).  I am appreciative of the help and saving a little money - but dude don't not eat before coming over at 2 and then bitch you're hangry for 2 hours but not let us order anything.  DH and DD then went off for a family birthday party without me - DH asked if I could run handle a quick run to the market for milk and some bottle water so i could still get my gallon in, well that quick trip also ended up with me getting gas and bringing it all in during a monsoon downpour.  I'd hoped to sit in a chair and get dressers for DD's big girl room painted since they've been sanded and sitting in the garage for weeks and that sounded relaxing, but was to wrecked from shopping so I just sat in bed watching Gypsy.  Then I realized I'd completely lost track of days and left the leads for my heart monitor on WAY too long so now I have circles of blisters and peeling skin on my chest and rib cage... my own fault but OUCH. I barely slept last night because of all the ouches.
    Anyway sorry for the novel - my therapist is on vacation for a week so cathartic dear diary-esque rants are the best I got :-P
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  • Holy crap I've got a good BF today. Just found out my sil is having an affair! I dunno if you can still call it an affair since I think we only know because Bil must be leaving her but it dates back to before their kid was conceived. Someone saw her making out with a guy in the parking lot of a local restaurant and told her husband. She was pretty awesome too so that's why it's a bitchfest...we are clearly not talking to her anymore. She was friends with the bil's sis and everything, so lots of people are devastated by this. They've been together for years!
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @SmashJam Yikes! That is crazy. I feel so bad for your BIL. 
  • @SmashJam wow... so BIL's wife? not your brother's wife that just had the baby?

    @wildtot ugh I miscounted - it's really 4 more full weeks lol I think i already counted this week done...
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  • nimmlenimmle member
    edited June 2018
    Another BF for today. Hubby is taking an accounting class for his MBA and being a CPA of course I am his homework helper/tutor. I'm at work with a pile of stuff to do before I start WFH and of course he emails me his homework for me to review before his class TONIGHT! His procrastination isn't a penalty to him it seems...just me **eye roll**
  • Yeah so the familial link is confusing- this is the wife my my step father in law's son....so really step brother in law. So she's technically my sis in law but like, not because she's married to someone blood related. while I don't condone cheating I wouldn't be surprised if my brother's wife had an affair, and not because she's a bad person, but because she's already had one or two and my brother is an a-hole. 

    Update: It's been going on for FOUR YEARS and they were caught IN THE BACK OF A RESTAURANT BY THE BATHROOMS while having dinner with a group of couples by one of the other couples. I don't even know what to think.
  • @smashjam wow that's really crazy. Did she maybe want to get caught with how public she was being about it? Ugh cheating is just the absolute worst. 

    My BF right now is that I have to change out of my robe and undies and put actual clothes on to go to my chiro appointment. I wish I could just soak in the bathtub until my family gets home and then change back into my robe and undies. My back has been so crampy all day. But, hoping the chiro at least helps with some of this pain I'm having. Also, sorry I keep saying undies, I realize I am a 30 yr old woman and should probably say something else. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @zande2016 I feel you on the real clothes front. I just want to lay around naked because everything sucks.
  • @zande2016 I say underpants, lol, because of my (almost) 3 year old. @zande2016 I will be interested to hear what her thoughts were on the entire thing, but I doubt we'll ever know. The guy was also a friend of her husbands since like, high school. They've all know each other for years.
  • H just told me that he will be bathing DS from now on because I’m pregnant. Wow really? It took him 37+3 weeks to realize it’s hatd bending over the tub? Oh an he will also take over getting him ready for bed and I’ll put him in bed because it’s less bending over. 
  • sm05-2sm05-2 member
    @SmashJam, oooh, scandalous! I also wonder if part of her wanted to get caught. 

    @nimmle, thirding on the real clothes thing. 

    Aches and and pains BF: my feet hurt, maybe bc the baby is just too big, back hurts a bit, every time I walk more than five minutes I just want to sit down. I feel like a lazy hippo. 
  • I know I’ve bitched about my friend before, but...this is just so bitch worthy. On Friday I texted her and another friend in a group text to tell them about by morning at the hospital. My one friend responded with appropriate concern and being glad everything turned out okay etc. The other friend didn’t say anything and then hours later, at like 9 that night, finally responds but all she says is “sorry I didn’t respond before, I was having a work party at my house.” That’s it! No response whatsoever to me being in the hospital and I don’t hear from her all weekend, to ask how I’m feeling or anything like that. Then this afternoon at like 4 she
    asks if I’m around. (She’s a teacher...she’s on summer break but even when she’s teaching shes home by like 3 and seems to forget I don’t work teacher hours). I tell her I’m home but working and then I have an appointment to go to. No response. Then 3 hours later around 7:30 she asks if I want to go for a walk and I tell her no I’m miserable. She asks “why?” Ummm 9 months pregnant??? I can’t. I just can’t anymore. 
  • Got another for H. He fails at trying to understand that my snappiness and anger is more than what he sees on the surface. He doesn’t understand that it’s my anxiety and that’s why I’m looking forward to being medicated. He asked me if can not be mean to him while at the hospital. He doesn’t understand why i get so worked up about toys everywhere, having to do dishes all the time and pick up after him. I stopped folding his laundry because it literally just stays there and eventually gets unfolded. He got bothered because i moved my hospital bag to a smaller bag since he wasn’t bothering to pack anything for himself. If i don’t find and schedule the carpet cleaners he won’t do it or go with the first company regardless of not being cost effective. Just tired of his bs and active like the victim. 
  • I'm sorry @wildtot. Sending you hugs! Its unfortunate he is only thinking about himself. 

    I had to call my h to come pick me up from being at the office because I was having contractions. I'm standing outside by my car because I needed to walk a bit and wait for him. H pulls up and doesnt even bother getting out of his car to help me get in. My boss walks up to make sure I'm okay and helps me inside. I'm crying because it hurts and all h says is thanks to my boss. Ugh...to top it off, of course the contractions are not timeable and stop once we're on our way home. 

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  • @zombiehoohaa ugh I’m sorry your H wasn’t thoughtful enough to help you in. Glad you were at least able to leave work to rest some.
  • @babybump1994 sorry i lol’d a bit imagining your husband freaking, but gosh what a terrible way to be woken up! Hope you catch the mouse! 

    Early morning BF, why are these birds singing at 3am?! 
  • @wildtot - hugs - I'm sorry, my H doesn't get the anxiety/snappy thing often either - he'll also ask if I'm done snapping at him.  Unfortunately nothing helpful to add - just solidarity/commiseration

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  • @wildtot There is a super chirpy high pitched bird that starts at 3-something almost every day, whilst it’s still pitch black outside! I swear it’s taunting me bc I am always awake.
    Wishing we had a pellet gun and I was nimble enough to get to the roof... 
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