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Any Single mom-to-be in SF?

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I’m single and after few years of trying to get pregnant (with IVF) I’m finally pregnant and due in December. 

Would be nice to get in touch with other single pregnant women in the area. 
TTC history in spoiler box:
Me: 42, single
Hysteroscopy: 2013
IUI #1-2: 2013 BFN
Surgery 10/2015: Planned to start trying again but had a surgery. (Not related to fertility)
Surgery 5/2016: Planned to start trying again but had another surgery. (Not related to fertility)
IUI  #3-5 (with Clomid): summer 2016 BFN
IVF #1: 11/2016. 30R; 21M; 20F; 8B (6 day5 & 2 day6); 4 normal after PGS
Medicated FET #1: 1/31/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFP. Embryo stopped growing at 6w 1d. MUA at 9w 3d.
Medicated FET #2June 2017 - cancelled...
Hysteroscopy #2: June 2017
Medicated FET #2: 8/7/2017 transferred 1 embryo 5BB. BFP. Ended in CP.
Medicated FET #3: 10/11/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFN
ERA: December 2017 - need an extra 12 hours of PIO
Medicated FET #4: 1/24/2018 transferred 1 embryo 4AA. BFN
Out of embryos.  :'(
IVF #2: 03/2018.

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