Pregnant after a Loss

Successful pregnancy after multiple losses?

Hello. I'm hoping to get some positive feedback, as lately I haven't had any good luck. We just found out yesterday at our 9 1/2 week ultrasound that our baby no longer has a heartbeat. Our baby just passed, as the fetus was measuring 9 weeks. Before this, we have had three consecutive chemical pregnancies. This time around we were on progesterone three times daily and baby aspirin, but yet again with no luck. We still have not decided whether to do a D&C or the medication. Has anyone gone through this and had a successful pregnancy? Also which option did you chose for the abortion? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Successful pregnancy after multiple losses?

  • Hi. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I‘m currently on pregnancy #2 after two consecutive losses prior. Success is possible. We never found a cause for my losses and testing turned up nothing useful for me. I just had bad luck it seems. However, I think you would benefit from seeing an RE if you aren’t already to have a recurrent loss panel drawn, and maybe other tests and look into why this keeps happening. Aspirin and progesterone may or may not be the answer, and unfortunately won’t prevent a loss if there is a chromosomal abnormality. 

    I went with a D&C after both losses. I wasn’t offered medication, just a choice between waiting it out and D&C. I found it helpful to recover quickly from a physical standpoint. The emotional recovery, as you know, takes longer. 

    I will add that using the word “abortion” here is triggering for women who have lost very much wanted babies as the connotation is that this was a choice. That being said, the “abortion” refers to the loss of pregnancy, whether it be unintentional (spontaneous) or intentional (elective). Whatever route you decide to take is not an abortion....that part unfortunately has already occurred. 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida thank you for your response. How far along are you now and did you do anything different this time around? I am seeing a specialist and we are still waiting on our genetic testing to return but the rest of our blood work looked normal. He now wants to do a endometrial biopsy to rule out any infections. Yes I agree the term "abortion" is upsetting as we have been fighting to keep our babies. I used that term especially that day, as I spent two days in the hospital with doctors who continually used the term "missed abortion" over and over. I don't think there is any term that makes the situation better but I will definitely be more careful. 
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  • @missy8805 I have a rainbow DS who is 15 months old and am 30 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Nothing turned up on my testing. The only thing I changed both times was to switch to a methyl-folate containing PNV because I wasn’t tested for MTHFR and it was a no-risk low-cost option to try. Not sure if it made a difference or not. 

    Providers should just use the term “missed miscarriage” instead. I think it’s so cold to use such a clinical term with negative connotations when talking with patients. 

    I hope your testing doesn’t turn up anything too serious and you get your rainbow soon!
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