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2nd sweep work? 40weeks

40+1 Wks. Went to Dr. he did a 2nd membrane sweep, he said he could feel my bag of water. He said he doesn’t see me going another week. Prayers please!  I wish there was a way to break my water, I’m just walking, and bouncing on my yoga ball. Hopefully something will start soon! Anybody go into labor after 2nd sweep?

Re: 2nd sweep work? 40weeks

  • I’m 40 weeks and 4 days, my first sweep was unsuccessful :/ I’m ready to have this baby as I have developed PUPPS and it is miserable. I go in at 41 weeks and 1 day to do second sweep and if nothing happens by June 27th I’ll be induced. Let me know how the second sweep worked for ya! 
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  • Yes I had my second sweep and I went into labor the next day. I bounced hard on the ball and walked the day after my sweep. My water broke a few hours later. No contractions or signs of labor.
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  • lurker mine did not 
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