Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant after loss before AF

Anyone have experience with conceiving after a loss prior to first AF? 

Re: Pregnant after loss before AF

  • The cycles after my losses were both likely anovulatory, so no, I didn’t conceive right after. We were benched after the first loss for a month from trying anyway. The second time we didn’t prevent, but I didn’t ovulate based on my chart. What exactly is your question?

    It is possible to conceive if you ovulate before getting a period after a loss. If you aren’t tracking ovulation though, dating the pregnancy if you conceive would be tricky and require an US. Also, some women go on to have another loss and some go on to have successful pregnancies. 

    Please follow your doctors advise about this stuff, though.  
  • Yes... I found out today I’m pregnant and I had a chemical pregnancy in June and didn’t have a period after.... so i have no idea how far along i am...                                                                                                                 
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  • Yes I had a miscarriage June 28th and just found out today I am pregnant again today and haven’t had AF since before my miscarriage. No idea how far along I am. 
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