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  • @rosebud1230 The one usually given around 7-9w is usually the most accurate as far as dating goes. For one thing, babies in the second trimester can vary greatly in size but in the early stages not so much. The farther along you get, the more babies vary in size and the less accurate the u/s for measuring length and weight because baby gets all smushed up and they give estimates based on like, femur length. It's really common for weight estimates to be off. One good friend of mine was told at 37w that her daughter already weighed 10lbs and she'd need an early c-sec and so on, but she declined and at 42w she was induced and delivered an 8lb baby.

    Two whole weeks is a lot though. If I'm reading this right, based on LMP and your a/s you would be closer to 21w? But based on the first scan you are 19w?

  • @lifesabeach85 That makes so much sense. My SIL has a baby in August and they thought he’d be in the 8lb range but when they induced her at 41w he was 11lbs!

    The short answer to your question is first scan says 19w, but a/s says 21 weeks. We never went off my LMP because I was irregular when not on BC.

    Long answer: LMP, dating scan, and a/s today all conflict. If I track back to my LMP (January), that would say I would be 23w. I missed in February but got BFN on 4 tests on different days, when I missed in March I got my BFP immediately. The dating scan done back in early April puts me at 19w. My OB suspected the missed February was due to coming off BC and my body trying to regulate. The a/s I had done today says baby’s measurements match what they usually see at 21w, nearly 22w. 

    Its all got me scratching my head hah
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  • @rosebud1230 that is hard. I’ve been off by up to a week in past pregnancies, but my due date was never changed. I know the further out we get, the harder it is to get accurate measurements, but baby measuring that much bigger across the board almost makes me think they should adjust. 
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  • @wannaflickone Did you consistently measure that much off? I’ve read that a few days difference is normal and can almost be expected, but I was surprised when she said two full weeks ahead. I’m really curious if my OB will change my EDD or just monitor and maybe induce me if the baby keeps measuring bigger than expected. Can’t wait for her to call so I can ask!
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  • @rosebud1230 my first ultrasound was very late in the game. TW******
    I miscarried very early in the year so when my period didn’t come back as usual I thought it was just my body healing and things would return to normal when ready. It didn’t even cross my mind that I was pregnant again and that was why. Once I got my BFP and had my first ultrasound I was 17 weeks. I was told that getting dates this late is far less accurate then in the early stages. Reason being everything kind of looks the same at the beginning and now I could just have a very big 17 week baby or a very small 19 week baby. I was told my due date would be +/- 2 weeks. Early ultrasounds they can pinpoint to +/- 3-5 days. Sorry for the long winded response hope that helps! 
  • @jessielynn1 definitely makes sense, thank you! 
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