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PLEASE help!!

I know this may be a really stupid question, but are vaginas naturally wet down there all the time? I’m 17 weeks, and I notice that even after I pee, after I’ve dried off, I press toilet paper there and the toilet paper looks a little wet. It’s every time.

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  • Yes they are naturally wet to a certain extent. It’s how it cleans itself and fight against infection. Discharge also increases with pregnancy. If you have any weird or smelling discharge it can be an infection and you should get checked my your doctor. 
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    So after you wipe, if you were to press toilet paper against your vagina, it’s a little wet for you?
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  • Yes even before i got pregnancy. Some girls are more wet than others and it also depends on where in your cycle you are (if not pregnant). If your concerned about something being abnormal check with your doctor.
  • I really appreciate you responding. Thank you so much!
    I asked someone’s mom whose daughter is pregnant, and she said the same thing that it’s slightly wet when she wipes after she wipes.
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