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  • @Patience7150 I had slightly low platelets last pregnancy, and do again this time!  Both times found when they did the 1 hour GD screening test. Last time they checked them again later in pregnancy, and then again at the hospital. I don’t think they affected my delivery, but they definitely never dropped they just stayed a little low. I think they maybe checked them again post-partum. 
  • My joints have gotten worse. My wrists feel like they’re both sprained, my thumbs and fingers can barely move. Wtf. I brought an ice pack to work and I’m alternating but it’s hard to do work with an ice pack on my hand! I have my appt later today so I’ll ask the doctor is there is some magical vitamin or supplement that will fix all my pain. 
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    @ashh2018 you’ve probably mentioned this, but I can’t remember. Are you wearing wrist braces at all?  Last pregnancy I had to wear them all day at work and while I slept. It was super annoying but helped a lot with the pain
  • @nackie I have one that I’ve been wearing at night, I guess I need to get one for the other wrist. My thumbs are the worst, DH pointed out that it’s probably from using my phone too much :( I need a full body brace. All my joints hurt but my wrists/hands are def the worst. 
  • Thank you @arbell615 and @MandyMost! not a single test from yesterday came back normal, so first things first are the 3 hour test and getting my iron up. A girl from my former bmb also mentioned getting a bad poke can drastically change platelet count, which we did have a bad poke and my blood was barely flowing. I am going to mention this and just ask to repeat it at my next ob visit!

  • @Patience7150 - Mine were checked as part of the CBC done with my glucose test, and they were lower than last time I had them checked (non-pregnant, about 10 months ago), by almost 25%, but still within "normal" range. Keep in mind that for many blood-related numbers, it's typical for them to be lower in pregnancy because blood volume increases so much but not all of the "pieces" of blood increase together if that makes sense. But I don't know how that affects platelet numbers exactly.

    Having too few platelets makes it harder for your blood to clot, so depending on how low it gets your doctor should have a plan in place in case you have excess bleeding at delivery or if you need a c-section, and as mentioned above it could also mean they determine an epidural is too risky. I have a mild clotting issue already, so I'm getting ready to talk to my OB about similar stuff.

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  • I know I’m complaining a lot and I’m sorry, but I think the pregnancy karma gods have come for me lol. I had no morning sickness, was totally comfortable throughout my second trimester, and now everything hurts and I can’t stop crying LOL. My wrists/hands are getting so much worse, icing and braces aren’t helping at all. My back and stomach are so sore, but every time I try to adjust my position on the couch or in bed I just hurt my wrists more. It’s a vicious cycle haha. I’m tempted to take Tylenol but I know it probably won’t help and won’t be worth it. 
  • @ashh2018 have you tried icing your hands before bed? I experienced the same last time and had effectively arthritis the entire third tri, and I think that helped a little...

    Sorry I can't be more help. I agree with stothi that knowing how quickly everything starts to feel better post partum has really helped me this pregnancy, but I hate to say "take my word for it" because you don't know what your experience will be. Pregnancy isn't easy, and don't feel that you need to enjoy every minute. I kind of equate this phase to the second period of a hockey game...that initial excitement has worn off, you're starting to feel crappy again, but you're too far from the end to get excited. It's a rough phase. Maybe find a good, non baby, non pregnancy related book to distract you with a hobby that doesn't require the use of your hands? 

  • @klj0228 @adirat. That sounds like plantar fasciitis.  I have started wearing more supportive shoes, plus doing stretches in bed before putting weight down in the morning (point and flex toes 10x, ankle circles etc.) And mine has gotten a lot better.  But I actually notice it worsens on the weekend, bc I'm just in slippers or flats all day, instead of my work shoes. :/

    Re: Iron.  My doc didn't actually tell me to start supplementing, but the nurse said it would be fine, since it was just borderline on the low side.  She recommended taking it at bedtime with orange juice, and while I've only taken it once so far, (I plan to take it MWF only, since it's not that low, and the pharmacist recommended alternate nights, over splitting the pill), and I didn't have any trouble.  I have the Slow Fe brand, ($9 For 30 tabs, in a white box), and it says it's 45 mg elemental iron, or 142 mg ferrous sulfate equivalent.  Neat! (I hadn't actually looked that close yet.)

    Now, I do find this interesting because I wonder if the ranges the nurse quoted me when I called were the non-pregnant or pregnant ones!  One of my numbers was 11.1, and she said they want it over 11.7, but to me, that seems closer to the non-pregnant lower limit of 12.


    As for hematocrit:

    I feel like this confirms for me that she was giving me non-pregnant ranges, and hence why I didn't get a call from the doctor.  Mine was 34.4, and she told me they wanted at least 35.0, but really for 3rd tri, this gives a range with a lower limit 28.  So... yeah.  I may have just kinda wasted my money. Lol

    @starla. Yeah, I think so!?  That's what it says on the app icon anyway.  But I feel like it listed something extra in the ap store... "Pregnancy Week by Week."
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  • @BusinessWife yes I get the popping/clicking sound with movement as well! I think I've read that it's like a gas bubble or something. Totally strange. And yup, baby girl busts some moves at times for me too haha.

  • I have been so fatigued today, seemingly out of nowhere. Has this happened to anyone else? 
  • @BusinessWife I had that later on with DS. It is so bizarre. DH never really heard it like I did, so I wonder if part of the clickin is the sensation in addition to the sound. 
  • @Patience7150 the hockey analogy is perfect! I’ve been icing them at night, I think if I do it more regularly and stick to it that it may make more of a difference, thanks! :)
  • @MandyMost - I have days where I suddenly feel very fatigued, with no noticeable reason - not a super busy day the day before, bad night's sleep, or less food/water than usual or anything. But there are a lot of reasons you can feel extra tired, so maybe it's just some combination of smaller things? Rest up if you can! When I can't, I try to think of it as practicing for the days ahead when I'm going to be very tired and don't want to keep going with whatever needs to be done.

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