Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

This wait is terrible... what am I supposed to do?

It’s not official but it’s not looking good... Everyone says to rest but I’ve been “resting” for days. The ER doc said to take a week off from work! I took one day off work and that was awful... going to work was also kind of awful... I’m crampy but it’s not that bad yet... just like period cramps. I understand the miscarriage process can take weeks. This is awful. I feel so powerless.
DD#1 - 12/09  
DD#2 - 7/13  
Baby #3 due 1/19, m/c 6/18  
DD#3 due 12/19!

Re: This wait is terrible... what am I supposed to do?

  • Any news?
    I hope your holding up ok
  • @janiep81, I am sorry for your lost.  I waited for 2 weeks with my last loss hoping it would happen naturally.  It was torture. Mostly, I just wanted it to happen, then I would feel guilty for that.  Every twinge or cramp had me hurrying to the bathroom to see if it was happening yet.  It also made me hold on to false hope that the ultrasounds were wrong.

    I am sorry you find yourself here, hopefully everything happens for you quickly.  
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