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3 year old daughter potty training

my daughter just turned 3 last month and I have been trying to potty train her now for almost a month. She will go to her potty and have no accidents at all ONLY if she is naked from the be waist down! It’s horrible. She refuses to wear panties, if she wears them she will pee in them and number 2 in them. She won’t wven alert like there is an issue she will continue on as if it’s fine! She also uses a pull up as if it’s just a regular diaper she makes no attempt to pull them down an potty. But she can go perfectly every time on her own if she’s undressed like I said. Idk what to do, I’ve tried all her favorite character panties and explained relentlessly to not pee or poo in them but she doesn’t seem to care much. I’m desperate

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  • I’m using the “Oh Crap Potty Training” book.  My DS is almost 3 and we did no pants too for a couple of days then moved to pants.  He refused underwear too but we put them inside his pants and then pulled up all at once and he was fine with that.  After a week he wears underwear with no issue.  Pooping in the potty is still a work in progress but in the book she suggests it could be behavioral or that maybe he needed privacy.   So we put potty back in bathroom and he seems to like that more.  She also suggests making them go get their clothes and getting themselves dressed because it takes much longer for that than it would to just sit on potty and do their business.  If that didn’t work she suggests taking something away.   I haven’t had to go that far yet but I really have found this book helpful 
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    Have you tried skipping the panties and just doing shorts/pants/skirts for a few days?  That might feel close enough to naked to prompt her to use the potty. The underwear and pull ups feel a lot like diapers so they don’t have as much motivation to go on the potty with them
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