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I have been very active for years in the gym and running occasionally outdoors. I am in the second trimester now and this is baby #3 my last was a csection and i waited a long time to exercise after having the surgery, which I regretted. That was 3 years ago and since then I’ve became very active as I said. This time I am curious what is the soonest time I can hit the gym after my csection? I am currently lifting weights, going on long walks, and swimming (occasionally) 4 days a week during this pregnancy and plan to continue up until delivery day unless dr says otherwise. I am also due in November and where I live it will be too cold to take baby out on walks with me during those next months so walking unfortunately isn’t an option other than walking on a treadmill at the gym which I’m not a fan of but will do if necessary. So when is the soonest I can jump back into being active? 

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  • When your doctor says you can. This would be an excellent question for him/her at your postpartum checkup. This will completely depend on your surgery, healing course, and other factors. 
  • When your doctor says so. Just because your healing outside, doesn’t mean your just as healed inside. Your insides takes longer actually. I wasn’t cleared for light exercises until 7/8 weeks and even then i took it slow. 
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  • Yup take time to fully heal and discuss with your dr. If you start too early you run the risk of creating more injuries which can delay the healing process further.
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    I assume you're looking for a general answer and not an answer specific to you because you are posting here. In that case, the answer is a simple google search away - six to eight weeks. That's for the average woman and the average recovery.

    If you want an answer specific to you that will take into account your healing and your medical history so you don't work out too soon and hurt yourself because you listened to randos on the internet, you'll have to ask your doctor.
  • My doctor cleared me at 6 weeks but this is my first baby and I had no complications or anything. This is your second c-section so it may take longer for your body heal. You should talk to your doctor but you are just going to have to see when the time comes. 
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