Been a while

Well it's been a while.....We tried to start a cycle back in April but I had some unwanted visitors show up....ovarian cyst! First I had one show up on my right ovary first, then on my left a couple of weeks later! All while on birth control! So another couple of weeks of waiting. Finally they were gone and we were ready to move forward. My cysts finally said good-bye but now my AMH is low. "SIGH" another ultrasound to just look at my ovaries. Brand new cyst on my right ovary! One day I will be able to start a full cycle! We are hoping for the first part of July.

Re: Been a while

  • Hello. How are you doing? I am really sorry to know about your situation. I know the courage needed to bear all this. Not able to conceive and have your own baby is really heartbreaking. I think no woman would ever want this to happen. I pray things smoothly for you now. All the very best, hon!
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