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Med Free Check In (June)


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  • This article puts together a good amount of research on eye ointment:

    But, different states have different laws regarding the ointment. Some places, you cannot refuse (as in CPS will be called cannot refuse). So look up your states laws before geting your heart set on skipping it. 
  • @tinattt23 Thanks for that link! Lots of good info. I just looked up my state and it's required unless there is a written objection for religious reasons. 
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  • The law says it's required for my state but many people are saying they were able to opt out anyway. I guess I'll just ask the midwives when I see them.
  • Did anyone include completing the breast crawl on their birth plan?  
    DS1 did it and it was amazing!! I learned about it through my Bradley course and was like whoa, textbook breast crawl!  We didn't ask for it they just placed him on my belly and he went straight for the target.

    The more I read this thread it becomes real.  This is really happening again lol
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