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Sprinkle shower

Has any had a sprinkle shower? I've had 1 baby shower out of my 3 kids and was thinking of a sprinkle shower this time. Can I ask for just diapers and wipes and bath stuff? 

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    So, showers are typically about welcoming parents to Parenthood. Showers after the first kid are considered rude, especially showers thrown by the parents to be. 

    Some communities/social circles do not feel this way, and people offer showers or sprinkles for subsequent kids. If you have to ask, it's probably rude for your social circle.  Outside of registries, it's also rude to ask for specific gifts. If someone asks you if you need anything, by all means say you could use some basic necessities, but to throw a party for yourself and ask for specific presents comes across as very tacky and self centered. 

    Skip the sprinkle. Register and get completion discounts for diapers and such.
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    Has someone offered to throw you one? The wording of the post comes across like you're thinking of throwing yourself one which is a no-no.
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