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TFAS week of 5/29

**This is a check-in for those with babies/children at home. Please be mindful that the discussion of living children in the WTO/TWW threads is prohibited unless extremely pertinent to your current cycle.** 
**If you are having a hard day re TTC or TTCAL, please note that this thread will discuss living children and/or issues specifically dealing with parenting and/or babies. Pregnancy may also be mentioned. Please lurk at your own discretion.**

What number are you trying for? 



Ages of other child(ren)? 

Any thoughts about this cycle? 

Any questions? 


GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  


Me: 31 Him: 32

BFP #1 12/30/15 - CP

BFP #2 3/11/16 - DD born 11/16

TFAS since April 2018

Re: TFAS week of 5/29

  • What number are you trying for? 2nd of our own but also have neice in custody so 3rd

    Cycle/Month? 10/7


    Ages of other child(ren)? DS is almost 3, neice is 9.5 (SAVE ME!!!!!)

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I am on the fence (or trying to play it cool maybe...). Sometimes I feel like theres no way but then I have times where I'm like "this is the month". I'm feeling pretty I'll today so it's a "this is it" day.

    Any questions? Nah

    Rant/Rave/Brag: I'm so impressed with DS. He's so smart. His vocabulary constantly shocks me and his enuciation is pretty damn good. Niece had been testing the waters calling us mom and dad. We've neen trying to adopt her for almost 2yrs and have told her many times she can. I think it will be really healthy for her mentality if she does it. Her mom's still involved and fighting for custody so I think she's torn.

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  Hmmm. I can't think of anything at the moment. I've always been around kids (big family) and was the go to babysitter all through HS. I'd been exposed to a lot before I even considered having my own.

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    What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 2/2

    WTO/TWW?  TWW, AF due in 10 days

    Ages of other child(ren)? 1.5 yrs

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I ranted in TWW today, but I really don't have any hopes for this cycle. We didn't have great timing (in my opinion), and I just feel like it's not going to happen this month. I guess we'll see. 

    Any questions? 

    Rant/Rave/Brag: We did accomplish HIO while the baby was awake before I had to leave for the bachelorette party I went to this weekend. We put the baby in a pack n play in another room and put on Moana, and had a pretty quick quikie in another room with all the doors open so we could hear her. We also DTD twice while my MIL was in town. We were very quiet and quick, which means I didn't have so much fun. But oh well. We did it! Check it off the bucket list? 

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  I had no idea how bad baby blues could be or how hard having a newborn was going to be. I feel like people sugarcoat it, and I wish people had been more honest with me about how horrible it was going to be. I wish I had read more about breastfeeding and known about supplementing with formula via syringe while waiting for my milk to come in. It would have saved us two days in the NICU (and $$$$$). I will 100% be supplementing for those 5 days if/when we have #2. 


    Me: 31 Him: 32

    BFP #1 12/30/15 - CP

    BFP #2 3/11/16 - DD born 11/16

    TFAS since April 2018

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  • meggymemeggyme member

    What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 3/3


    Ages of other child(ren)? Almost 2

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Not yet, FW is next weekend

    Any questions? 

    Rant/Rave/Brag: Potty training. We’re 4 days in and I can’t yet tell if she’s making progress or not. She doesn’t like sitting on the toilet, which is a challenge. She will go occasionally but still has lots of accidents and daycare wants her in pull ups, which I feel like they are treating like diapers, because I picked her up today and she was wet. Everyone I’ve talked to thinks she’s too young, but she’s so chatty about it! She always tells us when she needs changed.

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  I was mentally prepared for the sleep deprivation, the relationship challenges, the pain in recovery from delivery, but all of it combined was overwhelming and I was unprepared for that. I also didn’t know I’d have fever chills and painful engorgement when my milk came in. I was convinced I had mastitis.

    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @prpl11butterfly isn't it so cool how kids' language explodes? I work with young kids and I love hearing parents talk about their kid's development. 

    @general_organa props to you for HIO with MIL around! I don't think I could be that brave :) 

    @meggyme I had no idea what to expect with my milk coming in either. I thought I had read everything I needed to know about nursing, but I ended up getting mastitis when DS was 3 weeks old and it was awful.

    What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 2/2

    WTO/TWW? WTO, CD 4

    Ages of other child(ren)? 1

    Any thoughts about this cycle? This probably won't be a good cycle because DH will be out of town for work during FW. Then again, last cycle was really unusual and I ovulated on CD 30 and the cycle was 36 days long. Before I got pregnant my I ovulated on CD 19. Who knows what this cycle will bring.

    Any questions? Do you think TTC is easier or harder the second (or more) time around? I thought it would be easier this time because I know what to do/expect, but I think it's actually been harder. 

    Rant/Rave/Brag: DS slept through the night last night!!! :D he's only slept through the night 4 times since birth. I woke up a couple times out of habit, but I was able to fall right back asleep once I realized DS was still sleeping. Fingers crossed that DS keeps this up. Unfortunately, weaning is not going so well. We were down to 2-3x a day nursing, but now we're back to to 4. 

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born? Probably about nursing and how painful it can be initially. I had very sore nipples for the first 8 weeks and got a few milk blisters (one while I had mastitis). Also, I knew what PPD was, but I had no idea that post partum anxiety is a thing. I found myself getting very anxious about little things for no reason. I also experienced random heart palpitations, which caused more anxiety. Anxiety is a tricky thing because it can come out of no where. Things are much better now though!

  • @luckywife10 Ugh, great question you asked.  It was really hard on me the first time around.  It took us 9 cycles for our first, and while I totally get that in the grand scheme of things that isn't long, it felt like an eternity and was very hard on me.  However, I think it is harder now at this point the second time around.  We are on cycle 8 now for this one and for some reason, I really thought in my heart that it wouldn't take as long this time.  Clearly, I was wrong and now we are facing testing because we still want two more kids and I'm almost 34.  I think it is harder now because I know how amazing it is and want it SOOOO badly again.  I look at my son and desperately want to make him a big brother.  I had a low point last week after a series of BFNs when I was trying to happily sing a song with him and tears were just streaming down my face.  It's awful.  I have all the fears that our first was a fluke and maybe we won't be able to have two more kids, etc...  I hate what TTC does to me.  It unleashes some monster you can't control and I just hate it.  I also think the first time around you are learning about your body as you go, whereas now, I'm like ok I know what you're doing, why aren't you working.  Sorry for the long, depressing answer, ha.  
    TL;DR: The second time is now harder than the first.

    What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 7/8


    Ages of other child(ren)? 17 months 

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Meh.  Still waiting on SA results thanks to the holiday and I have my SHG on Friday.

    Any questions? Nope.

    Rant/Rave/Brag:  Big rant about seasonal allergies man, killing me.

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  I also wish I knew how emotional and dark those first two months can be... the random crying for no reason and just not feeling like myself.  When I think back on those months it’s like it doesn't even feel like my memories, if that makes sense. 

  • What number are you trying for? 3!

    Cycle/Month? 1/1


    Ages of other child(ren)? Charlotte is 3 and Ellery is almost 5

    Any thoughts about this cycle? This is my first cycle after having Mirena removed.  I actually haven't had a period yet but I believe I O'd 3-4 days ago because I had a + opk.  We'll see!

    Any questions? Nope

    Rant/Rave/Brag: My kids are so awesome.  I love their personalities and how different they are..but boy are they challenging!

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  I think we cognitively know everything but we have absolutely no reference for how it will feel until we're in it.  Other than that, I've learned to chill about everything.  I don't worry about getting them to sleep in their own bed, potty training, getting babies off bottles, getting rid of pacifiers,  tantrums, really any of that because I know it all works itself out.  I got really worked up with my first about all the stages and both my girls have phased in and out of things really naturally.


    Baby girl #1 7/11/13

    Baby girl #2 4/30/15

    Baby Boy Due 2/16/19!


  • @luckywife10 I do think TTC is harder for me this time around. Like @sparty18 said, I know what I'm doing this time, and what my body is supposed to be doing, so it's definitely more frustrating. Also, once I jumped into the whole tracking, charting, scheduling sex ordeal, I felt like I just picked up where I left off, and all the weight of TTC my daughter is pressing on me mentally. It sucks! 

    Me: 31 Him: 32

    BFP #1 12/30/15 - CP

    BFP #2 3/11/16 - DD born 11/16

    TFAS since April 2018

  • What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 2/1

    WTO/TWW? Wto

    Ages of other child(ren)? 22 months

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I hope this is the one, and that I took enough folate before ttc...

    Any questions? Not yet

    Rant/Rave/Brag: I finished my woven ring sling and it's the most gorgeous thing ever. I like it better than the $2500 ring slings I've seen! It even got over 130 likes when I posted it to my weaving group and it's my 4th project. Totally bragging right now, but I really can't believe I made it! 

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  How emotional I would be after giving birth. I cried for weeks straight because I was so overcome with emotion and this beautiful little boy - so unlike me.

  • @prpl11butterfly good luck on the adoption! I think that's wonderful, and I hope everything goes through soon. 
    @meggyme that does sound kinda young to be potty trained, I hate how daycares push it so young!
    @luckywife10 I had ppa too. Constantly paranoid about something taking my baby, or something happening to him. :( It's better now but still there. 
  • What number are you trying for? 3

    Cycle/Month? 3/3


    Ages of other child(ren)? 7 and 4

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Timing was not ideal and I had a temp drop this morning below coverline so I’m not feeling hopeful.  Mentally I’ve already moved on to cycle 4.

    Any questions? 

    Rant/Rave/Brag:  Trying to teach my 7 year old how to ride a bike without training wheels right now.  I know it’s awful late compared to other kids.  But we lived in Chicago for several years of his life and he never got to practice riding.  Plus he’s not a risk taker so it’s pretty difficult for him to overcome the anxiety.

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born? I was prepared for it for the most part.  The biggest thing was the physical parts.  The peri bottle, mesh panties, huge pads, bleeding/cracked nipples, enforcement, mastitis, etc.  If anyone warned me about these things, I ignored it.  I think these are things you have to experience unfortunately.

  • meggymemeggyme member
    @projectalice we decided to try it since she seemed so interested in it. She’s apparently doing great at daycare and constantly asking to go on the potty (I think because of the older kids she’s there with) but not so great at home with me. I might be overwhelming her with it.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • I think TTC is much more stressful after your first. It took 6m to conceive DS and i was frustrated but not like this. Then **tw, loss mentioned**
    5m to conceive the pregnancy we lost in Feb

    And that too is making it so much more frustrating. Realistically I'm only heading into cycle 3 since the loss and my OB says hormones take 3m to adjust. But My body knows what to do and it's just not doing it. Logically I know it's not a viable meeting of sperm and egg (and I'm confident the are meeting because 1. I'm ovulating and 2. We are HIO EOD) and not my body failing. I also agree that having that experience to look forward to makes you want it more. I loved being pregnant and loved BFing. I just want it all again so so badly. Ugh im getting emotional, sorry to rant. Moved from TWW to WFAF todat so my mood is low.

    @quidditchcapn1120 Niece got off training wheels at 7. It took DH a ton of effort. He was outside with her every night for a month straight before she got it.
  • @prpl11butterfly Thank you for that.  I thought for sure we were failing him!

    I totally understand what you mean about knowing what it’s like to experience it once and wanting so badly to do it again.  I’m so sorry about your loss.
  • @Sparty18 hugs! I feel the same way that TTC makes me different too. It's stressful when it should be a wonderful, happy experience. Good thing we've all got each other here to turn to for support and a listening ear and do the same for others.

    @general_organa I completely agree with everything you said too!

    @projectalice yeah PPA sucks. 

  • What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 5/5

    WTO/TWW? I think I’ve crossed over into TWW

    Ages of other child? 2 

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Didn’t get opks or start temping like I had planned to so I’m a littleannoyed with myself. I’m so tired of not know when I’ve ovulated but I’m the only one to blame. Maybe I’m subconsciously avoiding temping because I have this weird feeling it will add extra pressure and I’ll be even more frustrated when I get a BFN. We did get in one good BD the day after I first saw EWM and day before I had O pain. Holding out for that being lucky. 

    Rant/Rave/Brag: I agree that it’s more stressful TTC this time. 

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  I wish I knew how many others struggled with PPD and how easy it was to get meds by just talking to my dr. I avoided it for way too long. 

  • What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? Just starting

    WTO/TWW? WTO. I’m going to start using OPKs this month instead of just relying on fertility friend to guess by just inputting periods lol

    Ages of other child(ren)? 21 months 

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I keep wondering if I’m doing the right thing in jumping in TTC. I hate my brain sometimes 

    Any questions? 

    Rant/Rave/Brag: I’m just happy to be back in the TTGP community. I found some great friends last time around and hoping to do the same again 

    GTKY: What is something you wish you knew about motherhood before your child(ren) was born?  

    Oh gosh, where to start. I wish I knew how bad sleep deprivation can be. It turned me into a monster. I wish I knew just how tough a baby was going to be on my marriage. And I wish I knew that having a baby would change my life in every single way I knew possible. But it’s worth it :) 

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