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Early Wake Up/Hungry???

For the past month or so my daughter (8 mo as of 5/26) has been off and on with sleeping through the night (7pm-6:30am). She may do well for several days, and then the next few days she is waking up around anywhere between 4-5:30. My husband always tries to go in and check on her first, gives her a few pats on the back while she is still in crib, and some sweet words. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it takes a few cry outs and husband coming in to get her back to sleep. Then there are nights where my husband will do everything he possibly can to calm her, and I need to come in for reinforcements because she is just hysterical… After I do everything possible to calm her, pats on back, rocking, swaying… and she is still crying, I nurse her. That calms her down real quick, and with a few pats on the back she is out. To me, it feels like she must be hungry due to the predictability of the times of when she does wake up… Or not?? It just doesn’t make sense to me since sometimes she wakes up at a normal time, and other times she doesn’t. The inconsistency is worrying me that I am doing something wrong. I know that she is teething, and a lot developmentally is happening right now (crawling, learning to stand on own)… So maybe that is attributing to it? Any advice? Do we keep chugging along with what we are doing?

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