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Low papp-a levels

So I got a phone call today telling me my test results put me in the high risk category because of low papp-A levels. They explained a little about what that meant, but basically sugar coated it saying my doctor would discuss it all with me .Well, I'm not seeing the doctor until next week and I probably did the worst possible thing- I googled it .Now I'm freaked out. Anyone have experience with this? Also, I cant seem to find any information on what CAUSES these levels to be low. Any info or personal experiences would be helpful!

Re: Low papp-a levels

  • Hi there, I'll try and keep this post short. At 12 weeks, I was told I had really low papp-a. All other scans and tests came back normal, but after having a conversation with my OB, was told that I would be seeing her a lot more often than I'd hoped. I got very little explanation from her, mainly that they wanted to make sure everything was ok, and there was still a heartbeat- are you kidding me?! I was also told I would run a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, and pre-eclampsia. Naturally, I flipped and spent a ridiculous amount of time on Google which only made things worse. I had bi-weekly appointments until 30 weeks, which then turned into weekly appointments. Non-stress tests started at week 34, along with growth ultrasounds every 3 weeks. Along the way, I was told that I would be having a 'small baby', somewhere around 6 - 6.5 pounds. A few days after my 40 week growth ultrasound, I was told that my little one's head and abdomen were measuring small, OB says, likely because of low Papp-A. I was scheduled to be induced at 41 weeks, but because of the results of the ultrasound, would need to be induced that day due to restricted intrauterine growth (also related to low Papp-A). Long story short, I ended up giving birth to a healthy 9.2lb baby (and they said I'd have a small baby), with a completely normal sized head and abdomen. He is now 4 weeks old and couldn't be more perfect. 
    I hope this brings you some relief and hopefully you received some reassurance from your OB. In all my time on Google and conversing with several different OB's, I was never able to determine the cause of the low Papp-A. Goodluck! 
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