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Toddler and new baby

Hey ladies. Not sure how many of you are still active on here. I log in every couple days, but have not seen much movement. Anyways, I'm about a week from my due date and I'm really struggling with the decision of how to introduce my toddler to the new baby. She's 2.5 yo. I'm thinking of just waiting until home from the hospital for her to see us. She would be with my mom. Or, if I should have my mom take her to the hospital maybe the day after this LO is born. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with introducing baby at hospital, or waiting until after you're home. 

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  • No personal experience but we will not be bringing DD to the hospital for a visit. She will be around 23 months.  DH will be going home and staying with her each night to keep some normalcy. But whatever you decide will be okay and will work! Toddlers are unpredictable and no matter how much you plan they will throw a wrench in it ;)
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  • When our 2nd was born the oldest was 15 months and we waited until we got home. It was way more comfortable at home and easier to be in a familiar place when we didn't know how he would react. He was fine, just looked at his brother confused then went to play. I think it helped that he was home when we introduced instead of being in a strange place where he might already have anxiety from not recognizing anything and having a bunch of strangers in his face. When #3 was born our oldest 2 were old enough we didn't worry but still waited until we got home. This time youngest is 3 1/2 and we will do the same, wait until we get home. I find the hospital to be uncomfortable plus it's nice just spending time with the new baby alone without siblings. Good luck!
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  • abteambabteamb member
    My DH just suggested that we wait until we're about to discharge to bring my DD in, and she could also ride with us in the car ride home. Idk what we'll end up doing. Might just have to play it by ear on how she does away from us. 
  • Assuming that everything goes to plan DS will go to daycare and I am going to have DH pick him up after nap time and then bring him to the hospital. He is 3.5 and really excited for his sister.

    I don't think you can do it a wrong way though
  • My first is 2.5 and I assumed my parents would bring him to the hospital to visit but after reading this, I’m wondering if we should wait until we’re at home. Having him come then leave without us may cause a meltdown. I have a gift bag ready with special gifts “from his new sister” to help ease the initial moments. Also, I was told by friends to not be holding the baby when he comes in the room so I can hug/welcome him and then introduce him to his sister. I’m really anxious about how he’s going to handle it although everyone tells me it’ll be fine
  • My 2.5yo has been wonderful with DS. Every morning she wakes up and remembers baby is home. She oohs and ahhhs every time she sees him. She's been a little weird towards me, but still cuddly. She ended up going to the hospital. I had a little gift waiting for her "from baby." I agree with everyone. There was no wrong way of doing it. I just went with my gut and it all worked out. I can't wait to see my to LOs grow up together.
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