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Possible miscarriage?

My husband and I just tested positive on Mother's Day for baby #2. I am SUPER early, probably about as early as you can find out on a pregnancy test.

I was in the ER yesterday with A LOT of bleeding. The ER doctor tested my hCG levels, which were only at 400 and did an endovaginal ultrasound, which showed a possible gestational sac, which she said either means I'm super early or things are not progressing properly. At this time, there is NOTHING to be done, except wait. Time will increase my levels and progress on the ultrasound. She also did a cervix exam; my cervix was closed.

Back story, I am on Lovenox, a blood thinner. So I am wondering if any moms were pregnant on Lovenox and their experiences. I never had any spotting or bleeding with my first. I am a complete mess and freaking out. I fear the worse because it is A LOT of blood. Dr said it is also possible that I could be spotting but it looks a lot worse because of the blood thinners. I am have some menstrual like cramps, too.

Any advice/comments would really be appreciated. Going to be a long wait until Tuesday, with the Memorial holiday.

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