Pregnant after 35

42 and just found out I’m pregnant with twins

hi, I already have 5 children my youngest being 10, I was wondering if anyone else has had twins successfully at this age and if you have had a natural birth, I’m 12 weeks gest, worried about complications, thanks 

Re: 42 and just found out I’m pregnant with twins

  • nackienackie member
    I haven’t  been in your situation, but I have a good friend that had twins at age 40. She had an uncomplicated pregnancy. She delivered via c section, but that was her choice, not due to any sort of medical need. 
    Your doctor will be able to give you a much better feel for your particular risk level, but there are plenty of women that have uncomplicated pregnancies and births in their 40s. 
  • Congrats lady. I'll be 39 and just found out we've also got twins, but are really early on but both hearts are beating. I'm a FTM and was also hoping for as natural as possible, but if there's two...dunno if this "geriatric" body can hang.
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