Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss

I'm 38 and became pregnant with our 3rd while I was breastfeeding our 19 month old little girl. It was a shock and we wanted a 3rd, so My husband and i were so excited. Maybe we put the cart before the horse but we started planning and we were just so excited. I have had several early chemical miscarriages, conveived our 1st little guy after 4 years of fertility, iui with drugs and our second was on our own. This pregnancy I didnt have extreme symptoms and at every u/s they were concerned a bit. We heard and saw the heartbeat but at our last u/s, the heartbeat had stopped.

I'm so heartbroken. I am crying a lot. The doc suggested I stay on progesterone to postone the pain amd bleeding, so I have a d & e scheduled this week. 

Has anyone been thru this? I'm so afraid because  I'll be 39 soon that my chance of a 3rd is low, and afraid of going through this again. Its a lonely feeling, although my hubby is being wonderful. Its just hard to come to peace with this. Any advice?? I don’t feel like talking to family and friends. I’m hiding it from my work family except my boss knows since I needed off for surgery. Maybe I feel like I disappointed family a bit since we did announce, prob too early. Anyway, sorting through grief, preparing for d & e and just looking for peace and hope for a rainbow baby. 

My sincere condolences to all those that have gone through loss.

Re: Pregnancy loss

  • @jagr27 im so sorry for your loss.  You will experience a range of emotions for some time.  Your hormones will be all out of wack for a bit. I have had 3 losses 10wks, 5 wks and 6 wks.  I had a d & c with each one.   For me the procedure was fairly simple.  No pain meds needed. I was under for the procedure but was back to most normal activity the next day.   Just don’t over do it.  I was 39 when I first got pregnant and delivered a healthy son with no issues during my pregnancy then 3 consecutive losses.  I hope you have a quick recovery from procedure and take your time to heAl emotionally 
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