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Mother in law doing chemo

my mother in law starts chemo in two days. My husband and two brothers cant always take the days off of work so I offered to be in the rotation to take her to appointments. Is it safe for me and baby to bring her to her treatments or should I stay away ?? 18 wks 6 days. 

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  • I'll start by saying this question should definitely be directed to your OB. They should be able to answer this with a quick phone call.

    With that said, as long as you aren't touching or handling anything the chemo touches (like IV bags or injection site) or bodily fluids (blood, urine, or feces especially) once chemo is administered, you should be fine. I used to work in animal medicine and would still administer chemo to patients during my last pregnancy but took precautions, and that was obviously considerably more risk than you should encounter.
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    Exactly what PP said.

    Keep in mind that you could be coming across dozens of people going through chemo treatments as you walk through a shopping mall. Unless you're handling their body fluids or administering that chemo to them, you have zero risk of issues.

    If you're that concerned, call your OB for clarification.
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  • My son has cancer and is taking chemo as well as oral chemo nightly that I give him. There should be no harm to you at all. The only harm is from the meds and bodily fluid. For me I wear gloves to give him his meds, to clean up throw up, and to change all his diapers. Like I said should be no harm to you unless you were helping with meds or using the restroom and for that gloves protect you. 
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