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Hi, there! I’m new here, due Sept. 13. I'm having an ettiquite dilemma. Before I knew my coworkers were throwing a joint baby shower for me and another colleague, I had mentioned my friends/family shower to a few close coworkers. Dumb, I know! I spend time with them outside of work and consider them close friends. My other friends live far away. I’d like to invite them to my shower at my home, being held by my sister, but I’m worried about offending others. Plus, I want to make it clear that they are not expected to bring a gift to both showers! At first I thought maybe they would forget, but some remembered me mentioning the shower and have been asking for details. I’m looking for some advice.

1. Is it incredibly rude to just invite a few coworkers who I’m super closr to? I work with over 100 people so I obviously can’t invite them all.
2. If I invite close friends, should I also invite the two colleagues who are throwing me and my colleague a work shower just to be kind? I’m honestly not close with them but I so appreciate them throwing a shower. 
3. Should I invite my supervisor? We work great together but don’t hang out. 

Thanks for your insight!
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Re: Ettiquite Help!

  • meggymemeggyme member
    I would say that if you work with a large group that inviting just a few close ones is acceptable, especially if there will also be a work shower. It would be different if you worked with 5 people and were inviting 2 or 3 of them. I wouldn't worry about inviting your supervisor or the work shower hosts unless you would have invited them before you knew about the work shower. Just write the hosts a nice thank you note.
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    Thank you so much. This helps a lot. 
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  • Since you hang out with the few close coworkers outside of work as well I think it's perfectly acceptable to invite them to the friends and family shower. I had a shower with my first and invited one coworker because she and I have become friends, not just coworker.

    My shower was all ladies and my boss is a guy so it didn't matter, but had my boss been a woman I would not invite her anyway.
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