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I just wanted to say how amazing and courageous you all are to share your struggle.  I know very well the emotional battle it takes to get by everyday.
Some days are just hard, others look like hope isn't to hard to hold onto....and others are so hard one feels numb.

I just wanted to share some encouragment and tell all of you, you have someone rooting for you.  Do not feel alone, I know I will always have a piece of me that belongs to ttc.

My husband and I tried to conciceve for 12 years and never, ever will I forget the struggle.  I am currently 30 weeks with a miracle we both thought would remain a dream.  After 2 IUI's/ 2 IVF, 1 FET, 4 surgeries, countless natural approaches, tears (oceans of tears), depression, fits of helplessness and anger we are expecting our blessing July---early delievery via c-section due to previous surgeries.

The best decision we all made was to create life, to fight for our babies, for our dream, for a chance of motherhood. 
However way motherhood comes to you, it is the exact way it was meant to be. 
Keep on fighting, hold onto hope, and know that your darkest moments will be replaced with the greatest joy. 

I hope this gives hope and encouragment to those who need it. Be proud of your journey, of how far you've come, and what an amazing mother you will for all that you overcome.
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