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Pee yourself and not know it?

I've heard many stories of women who thought their water broke but turns out they just peed themselves.  So far I've had pee accidents but was completely aware of when it happened (sneeze/cough induced, etc).  For reals though, this is crazy stuff if you can pee yourself without any clue! Has this happened to anyone here? 

Re: Pee yourself and not know it?

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    I can say that I’ve never lost control of my bladder function without realizing it. Once in a while a sneeze or super hard baby kick has taken me by surprise, but I still have the sensation that I’m peeing. I suppose it depends on what nerves your baby is sitting on as far as what sensations you still have. 

    I would also like to point out to anyone who has recently complained about our poor attitude on this board that I waited 24 hours to see if any of you’d have any ”nice”  comments for this OP since you don’t like the kind of advice we give. I can see you don’t want to practice what you preach, because I see that at least 2 of you have logged in today and had nothing to say. If you think that’s being any more supportive than we ever have been, you’re quite wrong. 

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    Thanks for the reply,  and hopefully some of the drama has died down.  I admit, I've just only started looking at this community thing recently now that I'm getting close to the end so I hope that jumping on here with a question and having not been very active on this forum to this point doesn't rub anyone wrong.  I mostly google or YouTube or ask my doctor when I have a question but it is interesting to see the variability of people's experiences.  Sometimes it leads to more questions though! 
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    Not that I'm aware! 
  • When my water broke, I felt a weird thumping and a gush of fluid, and every so many contractions or so, I'd leak more (since baby moved). I can tell when I pee a little. Totally different. 
  • As for me, since this is my second babe, there are some times that I do dribble and don’t realize it has happened.
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    Yeah I have had the dribbles too but def not enough to where I'd think my water had broke.  
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