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C-section scar analysis by sonogram

Hi everyone I am sorry if this has been asked before I can't seem to find anything though, my baby boy is 10 months old tomorrow and my second baby is due 15 October. My gynaecologist is going with first option VBAC for the time being but is requesting a sonogram analysis of my scar tissue at 20 weeks pregnant. Has anyone gone for this or know anything about the accuracy? She said a lot of studies showed the thickness and shape of the scar has more to do with birth safety than the time lapse between births or delivery and next conception.


Re: C-section scar analysis by sonogram

  • interesting, I am 24 weeks and get to talk to my doctor more in depth about this in 4 weeks, but I know they did say that my scar looked healthy last sono, no abnormalties or what they called a "window" I believe which would be a thinning of the uterus where the scar potentially was.
  • Yes I totally agree with your Dr. 
    In a teat study they found women who's scar thickness and ... I guess flexibility or pull was higher then x number none of them ruptured or had dehesence during labour with their vbac. 

    I had this done as I wanted a vbac but my Dr wasn't vbac friendly and I ended up having into the cesarean date. 


    There is also mri  scar integrity checks.

    I love that your Dr is more confident in this method then the time between cesarean and birth I wish I could find a Dr like yours 
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