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Happy Birthday May 2017 babies!

Happy birthday (belated and early) to everyone's LO! It's crazy to think our LO are a year old already. How's everybody doing? Anything new/interesting/exciting to report? Hope everyone and their LO(s) are well :)

Re: Happy Birthday May 2017 babies!

  • Hello!  was wondering if anyone still went here...seems like a ghost town. We are doing great! DS turns one on Tuesday. I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly. 

    What new "trick" can your LO do? DS will give hugs if you kneel with your arms really wide and ask "Can I get a hug?". It is my favorite "trick" so far!
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    I’m not on here much at all, but my little guy turned 1 on May 5th. His trick is saying, “No no,” right before he does bad stuff. *reaches for the bunny rabbit litter box. “No no.”

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    I realized that I started this thread but never gave an update! (Please post whenever you check on this board, even if it's weeks or months from now!)

    It's so fun to watch DS explore and figure things out. The littlest things amuse him. He loves watching machines in action, anything from a drill gun to a pay loader. Hope everyone is doing well!
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