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Trouble TTC a Sibling

Back Again - Intro - TW: Loss Mentioned

   Hi all, I’m back again after a long hiatus.  I didn’t think I’d be back again, but infertility sucks, there’s nobody IRL to talk to, and while I would love a sibling for DD, the process to get there is so disheartening.

   My husband and I started trying in 2010, and had four losses before we had our daughter in 2015.  I have PCOS, and me not ovulating on my own, as well as low progesterone when pregnant were the main causes of our infertility.  

   We found out I was expecting DD in the midst of an IUI cycle, some preparatory bloodwork detected a low amount of HCG.   

  Since trying for #2, we have had one early loss.  Our daughter is now 2.5, I am 32, and it feels like the pressure is on.

   I’ve booked an appointment to see our RE again in September, but was hoping that we may be so lucky to conceive on our own prior to that.  

   Looking forward to chatting with everyone, and feeling a little less alone in this journey.
January 2010:     began TTC
August 2004; May 2013:  M/C <3
October 2013:     diagnosed with PCOS
February 2014:    HSG, began Femera
July 1, 2014:  M/C @ 12 weeks
December 2014:  doubled Femera dose
February 20, 2015: BFP!
November 9, 2015:  <3 Welcome baby!

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