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Advice, help, anything!

So we recently moved into a new house, we’ve actually only been living in it for a week and a half. My 2 year old has a room on one side of the house and the master bedroom is on the other side. I have been so overwhelmed by his behavior that I don’t even know how to handle him anymore, no punishments are working. It all started when he started refusing his naps, we tried the “if they got up, put them back in bed.” But he is relentless, we would do that for an hour or so and give up. On top of all that, he’s been slowly destroying his room at some point of the night. Every morning when I wake up he has destroyed everything, even going as far as tearing down the blinds and breaking the curtain rod. I’m at my wits ends here, I don’t know how to deal with this at all. And why did this all the sudden start happening? He’s going to his Mimis house Saturday and I’m literally counting down the hours till I can have a break... someone please shed some advice! 
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