Starting an FET cycle immediately after a failed fresh cycle?

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for some feedback. I just got the news yesterday that my fresh transfer probably failed. (Super low beta, second beta is tomorrow, but probably not viable.) I got 3 frozen embryos this cycle, and I've never had any to freeze before, so I've never had to think about timing. What are your thoughts on going into a FET right away, with no break?

Anything I should be considering? I'm mostly thinking about my mental health and if continuing on this hellish roller coaster right now is the right move. Any other questions I should be asking?

Re: Starting an FET cycle immediately after a failed fresh cycle?

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    I had a similar story - I did my ER but couldn't do ET due to a medical issue so we froze all 3 embryos. I did my FET right after,

    My FET was successful - we chose to transfer 2 and my twins were born a healthy 36.6 weeks later.

    For me, the greatest disappointment was not being able to finish the IVF cycle and I was very happy my doctor said we don't need to wait for anything special, just wait for AF and do a FET. I was eager to get it done but that was also my first cycle so I didn't really know what I was putting myself through.
    If you should consider this is totally up to you - do you feel you need a month or two to rest, or are you feeling up to trying again?  Do you feel your body is up to it? Depending on your protocol, if you get PIO shots those hurt and can affect how you go through the whole process (for me they were difficult, mainly because I had to give them to myself and that was hard for me to do). Does the timing work with your schedule - do you have any vacations planned, any events planned?
    You should ask your doctor about the protocol s/he recommends for you and the expected timeline and go from there.
    Just remember - there's no right or wrong choice here. Do what you feel is best for you.
    Good Luck!
  • Did you talk to your doctor for a followup appointment?
    I just got a call from the clinic saying my FET failed
    The clinic scheduled an appointment with my doctor for this Thursday to talk about next steps and if we need to change protocol. I'm pretty sure I'm going to over analyze everything!
    And I second what @more14 said. It should be totally up to you. I don't have problems with the PIO shots, but a break from all these hormones does sound nice :smile:
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  • We opted to go for it. I had a sonohystogram yesterday and I'm starting suppression with buserelin on June 7. Oral estrace and progesterone suppositories, so no PIO for me, thankfully!

    I was realy torn between wanting a break and keeping the momentum. I opted to keep going. If it works, awesome! If it doesn't, I will still be able to enjoy some of the summer. 

    Thanks for you input! I appreciate the feedback!
  • more14more14 member
    Good luck! FX things go as planned!
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