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  • Jens_Hoes said:
    @Activebaby ; yesterday was my anniversary too!
    Happy Anniversary! 
  • CecilB93 said:
    @mbelow6103 how far along are you? I'll be 10w tomorrow and mine are fading as well. Typically by second tri the symptoms lessen, so I wouldn't worry too much if you're one of the earlier Dec due dates.
    @CecilB93 I am 10 weeks tomorrow- due 12/13. I actually started spotting yesterday and went in for an u/s. Baby looks good, but I do have a small subchorionic hematoma. I will post more on the u/s page if you're interested.
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  • So randomly today at work, twice now, my eyes just start burning and watering like crazy out of no where! I’m not even touching them! Anyone else experience this before? Painful and kind of scaring me!
  • LLynde5LLynde5 member
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    I feel like I have a never ending hangover.  Slight headache comes and goes, most everything I ingest make me nauseous and I only really feel good when I am laying down.  
  • @LLynde5 that's how i explained it to mh. Except that eating and/or puking doesn't always make you feel better! 
  • hkomhkom member
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    Ugghhh no matter what or how much I eat I get terrible, painful bloating for several hours afterwards.  I've always had a pretty hardy digestive system and not much ever bothers me so this is new.  Do not like.

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  • Okay, so I thought my nausea was lifting and then last night and today I've had my worst nausea in WEEKS. Wtf??? Isn't it supposed to get better the closer to the end of the first trimester? This is killing me. Ugh.
  • @maureenmce you can’t get a break from the nausea! I hope it actually goes away soon. Like for your week off, so you can enjoy yourself. 

  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
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    @tumbleweed-1 Thank you - that's so what I'm hoping!! I know it has to lift soon! I'll be 12 weeks Tuesday. Fingers crossed!
  • @maureenmce Similar thing is happening to me! I’ll be 12 weeks on Saturday and last week I felt really good and had an appetite. Thought I was getting over the hump then two nights ago the evening nausea started setting in again. Today I feel mostly okay - hoping it’s on the down and out!! Hang in there!
  • Anyone have an aversion to water?! 
  • @rocketmom88 not so much aversion to water as being completely bored of it! I always drink a ton of water, and then I started getting dizzy spells with my thyroid medication, so I started drinking twice as much. Now with being pregnant, I'm drinking about four times as much water as I usually do. Needless to say I'm completely bored out of my mind with water and I'm peeing like absolute crazy. I started drinking lots of coconut water and putting fruits in my water to try to keep it interesting. Blah. All I really want is soda.
  • Everyone else’s symptoms seem to be improving but mine seem to be going the other direction.  Dry heaved this morning and then felt terrible after lunch.  I also thought the exhaustion had been pretty manageable but I took a much needed nap for the first time today.  4 more weeks until 2nd tri...
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  • Don't worry, @coco2787, @maureenmce And I are with you. For all of us to gtf over this soon! 
  • abowlsabowls member
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    @rocketmom88, water is making me feel awful.  I keep drinking it but it makes my stomach hurt and ups my nausea.  I usually drink a lot of water but I'm struggling to get 70 oz/day right now.
  • @rocketmom88 I am drinking plain seltzer water which helps me tolerate the water better. Also I switched over to a glass waterbottle which is definitely more tolerable than the metallic smell of my usual waterbottle. 
  • So I just figured out that if I have something small to eat before 5 pm, it may stave off the dinnertime puking. So far 2 hrs post dinner and no vomiting. That, and B6 is my bestie. 
  • I’m getting nauseous every evening from about 5 to when I go to sleep.  Ughhh. I give all my energy to my work and then have nothing left when I get home to my family  :'( I am ready for the nausea and exhaustion to subside. 
  • rocketmom88rocketmom88 member
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    @abowls I'm right there with you. It's so weird and sucks.  I force myself to drink it but it makes me puke.

    @Katzalia thanks for the idea! Definitely giving it a try today.
  • Not necessarily a "symptom", but I've already got a couple new stretch marks super low on my stomach by my pubic bone  :| at the same time, I'm pretty sure I can feel the top of my uterus right above the bone! Just barely, but it's there. Which would make sense with the stretch marks lol.
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  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who nose-dives around 5pm, but Uffda. So ready for us all to be passed this and eating all the yummy foods. 
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  • @sushilove15 That is basically my pattern lately, thought yesterday it started around 2! :( But yeah, I am cranky and feeling like I'm going to puke the entirety of the evening I have to spend with my family and it sucks. Cannot wait until 2nd tri!
  • mhobbesmhobbes member
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    omnommer If I had to choose, I'd stay with acid reflux... I absolutely hate throwing up! 
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  • At this point, the constant nausea and even worse digestion is just tough. Exhaustion is better but if I eat something that's a bit harder to digest (like red meat.... ugh), my stomach hurts for hours, I feel super nauseous, and I get just horrible burps/taste in my month.  So so gross.
  • hkom said:
    Ugghhh no matter what or how much I eat I get terrible, painful bloating for several hours afterwards.  I've always had a pretty hardy digestive system and not much ever bothers me so this is new.  Do not like.
    Yeah - I think we're in the same boat. It sucks!!!
  • abowlsabowls member
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    I've actually been feeling much better all week now.  Today I can even drink water without feeling miserable.  I'm more tired than I have been and still nothing really appeals to me to eat but I haven't had nausea or that whole digestive tract burn that I've basically had for 4 weeks straight since Saturday.  I'm beginning to hope that I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the digestive issues.  I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and the RE said that I should I expect to be miserable until at least 10 weeks.  We'll see.  I'm enjoying it for now though.
  • The bloating is terrible! I had IBS-C before and its worse now. Trying to eat lots of fiber, drink as much as i can stomach, and eat small frequent meals but I cant even button my pants sigh. Anyone have other ideas? Feeling so huge at only 9 weeks!
  • I have learned that right now anything that isn't salad or fresh fruit makes me feel like trash.
    I'm still taking 25mg B6 at night, but don't really need the Preggie Pops in the daytime! I like to think that the salad-bar salads are a good variety of things so it's not all bad, usually two bites of each veggie, sans meats. $5-6 spent on dinner each day is more than I normally spend (and I feel bad for not cooking) but hell, I finally found food that works! Also in the AM I feel almost normal (the boobs remind me that I'm not alone), and the least bloated. *cues angelic choir*
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  • hkomhkom member
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    Well I just sneezed and peed a little, so I guess that's going to start now. 

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  • @hkom lol I’ve been doing that since I was pregnant with my first. So glamorous is my life.
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  • 11 weeks today! I have been feeling pretty good lately except for the exhaustion BUT I have had spotting today which is frankly freaking me out even though my Midwife and the internet tell me it’s fine if it’s brown and no cramping etc. Someone please tell me the same thing has happened to them and everything turned out ok. Especially concerned because I’ve been feeling so great lately—wishing for terrible symptoms again...
  • hkomhkom member
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    @ccccaaatt I had brown spotting through weeks 8 and 9 accompanied by a big ease in a lot of my symptoms.  It was there pretty much every time I went to the bathroom or if I was moving around a lot. I actually requested to go in for another u/s because I was so freaked out and couldn't shake it.  Luckily my doctor was totally cool with it and everything was perfectly fine!!  She said its just normal for some people to do that.  Did you have sex recently?  I have been lightly spotting for a day or so afterwards each time my partner and I do and I've just come to accept it. 

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  • @ccccaaatt I had some spotting today as well (10wks tomorrow). I’ve had a little bit most days since week 7 and my OB echoed what you posted about it not being concerning. It’s definitely stressful though. 
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  • I've been spotting since early week 4, now 8 weeks 4 days. Went to the ER, they didn't find anything except the possible fibroid. My OB says I have an extremely sensitive cervix so pretty much anything will make me bleed. As long as it's not bright red and clotting, and there's no cramps associated with it, I think you're fine. If you ever feel unsure though, certainly call your doctor or go to the ER.
  • I suddenly have been feeling claustrophobic and feel like I can’t catch a good breath of air. I am breathing but  it’s so odd... my daughter wants to be close with me and crawl on me and I can barely handle it. I do have anxiety and take Zoloft for it and am taking it through this pregnancy as I did with my last. Has anyone gotten a feeling like that? The best way I can describe it is it’s a feeling of claustrophobia.  I have an appointment on Monday and will talk to my doctor about it. Yay anxiety!
  • @sushilove15 Yes, definitely feel like I can't catch my breath at times, but for me it's unrelated to anxiety. Just for some reason my lungs feel like they are only working at 50% capacity at random moments. 
  • Morning sickness and sore boobs are actually getting a little bit better. I still struggle daily with an intense “full” feeling. It feels like I over-ate and it’s the most uncomfortable feeling. 

    Oh, and the last 3 nights I’ve got up 6 times to pee. So that’s fun. My body can’t seem to stand to have a smidge of liquid in the bladder. I literally pee a couple tablespoons... so annoying.
  • tunneltunnel member
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    Holy tailbone pain!  FX this is fleeting!
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  • ebk20ebk20 member
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    10 weeks yesterday and the nausea and exhaustion are still in full swing. Yesterday I tried to do no caffeine and had a terrible headache all day. I guess no cold turkey for me. I'm trying to tell myself just 2 more weeks of this. It really feels like a terrible hangover all the time, like I partied all night but in reality I was in bed at 9pm lol
  • LLynde5LLynde5 member
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    @ccccaaatt hope your spotting has stopped.  I spotted until 14 weeks with DD.  Everything turned out fine!  Brown or not spotting is nerve wrecking.  
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