Pregnant after 35

Surprise pregnancy at almost 43

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I'm currently almost 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th. We are truly stunned, and cautiously excited. I tried to make an appt with my gyne that I switched to a few years ago assuming we were finished having kids, they scheduled me with a nurse for when I'm 7+ weeks, just to confirm. Today I called my OB that I haven't seen since 2014 and they scheduled me with her for when I'm almost 9 weeks. Due to my age, I feel like I should be seen sooner, but not sure why. Should I push to get an earlier appt with an actual Dr? I feel like others are getting bloodwork and US before I'll even be seen by anyone. 

Re: Surprise pregnancy at almost 43

  • I'm a bit surprised they aren't scheduling blood work right away. You'll probably do it when you have your ultrasound & be offered the harmony test
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    How are you doing? Im in a similar boat, 45 and pregnant, and have had no testing except a urine test. 7 weeks now, will see OB at 8.5 weeks.
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  • You and me both honey! I am 44 and after 2 months of my body acting weird I took a test ... it said "Pregnant" Almost immediately.My DR was out today, I need to call the office back and I will schedule with the high risk department since he is unavailable. My 5 year old has had answered prayer :).
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  • I'm 41 and 5w0d with #3. They had me go in to verify my progesterone and hCG levels yesterday and tomorrow. But, I'm not scheduled to be seen until Dec 18, which is 7w4d, unless something wonky comes back with my results. 
  • I'll be 41 next month and they had me go in to check my hCG levels Tues, then again on Thurs to make sure they are rising.  I had a faint positive, so that's why I contacted them--I just wanted it confirmed.  My first appt. is not until I'm 8 weeks.
  • Calling tomorrow. I'm 42, probably at six weeks, and definitely pushing to get in as early as possible. 
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  • I’m 38 and 17+5. No need to be seen sooner due to age. 
  • Surprise here at 44! Had my son at 41 and daughter at 35. 
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  • Demand an early dating scan. For some reason they don’t want to see you until 8-10 weeks now. I demanded an early ultrasound bc of my age 42. I had miscarriage back in the fall and had I gone for blood tests and early scans they would have seen the baby wasn’t developing on time like it should have. I was 9 and a half weeks along according to my last period and lost the baby and the fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks 5 days according to ultrasound when I went to ER for bleeding.
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