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swollen lymph node after pregnancy loss?

Hey all, so i found out march 21st i was expecting, same day i found out my grandmother had a stroke and by the weekend i lost her. her funeral was easter weekend and by then i was going to announce to bring some light to the shitty situation and had an appointment march the 29th previous to confirm the pregnancy test from the previous thursday in which i requested to have my ear checked out as well because i had a bit of dull pain in my ear from the inside and all checked out. (thats important) By april 6th... i got an ultrasound and found out something was worng and the fallowing week found out i had a blighted ovum and we lost the pregnancy. I started bleeding friday the 13th and stopped bleeding the 25th.. on the 14th i found i had a bump on my neck.. and after the last couple of weeks i've had an ultrasound and ct scan and now i have to go in for an ultrasound guided needle biopsy and i'm terrified. they say it looks like a swollen lymph node and i had bloodwork done a few weeks ago that showed an elivation in my white blood cell count but i don't know about current. did any of you ever have a swollen lymph node pop up or not because they have me freaking out with all these tests...


  • I'm sorry for both your losses; that timing really, really sucks.

    It is likely that the lymph node and the pregnancy are only marginally related. Pregnancy in general suppresses the immune system and swollen lymph nodes usually indicate infection. 

    Ear pain, even if nothing is seen by doc visually could indicate an infection, and given that lymph nodes react locally before they react systemically, as well as an elevated white blood cell count, the location of your pain in proximity to your lymph nodes along with the blood results makes me think that's it. 

    The tests with the lymph nodes, I think, have little to do with pregnancy and are just ruling out things like lymphoma, or just trying to see what the infection might be to see if it's treatable with antibiotics.

    I have, in the past with one of my losses, had swollen lymph nodes in the groin area, and that's really the only time when an infection is looked at in terms of causing pregnancy loss, because in that particular case, the reaction is local to the possibility of an STI or other pelvic infection. Wasn't true in my case (no infection, no increased white blood cell count, etc), but if the loss and lymph nodes were related, it's more likely it would be in your groin and not your neck. 

    Hopefully the tests are just an abundance of caution. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. 
  • Hey @rosa1347 ,
    how did you get with your lymph nodes? My wife had a miscarriage and soon afterwards had a swollen lymph node in her neck - supraclavicular right side. Upon doing a blood test, everything came normal. Ultrasound revealed that she might have additional slightly swollen lymph nodes in the same region and increased vascularity in the thyroid gland.
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  • What was the outcome? I’m in the same boat
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